The FRF (Fire Rescue Fit) Body Weight 500- Rep Workout

  April 27, 2015

It can be very difficult to try to stay “fit for duty” on vacation or if you don’t have access to a lot of equipment.  This workout will help you stay FRF (fire rescue fit) on vacation or when you are at a firehouse that doesn’t have any fitness equipment.    I actually performed this

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5 Reasons to Eat Bacon in the Firehouse…

  April 4, 2015

Before you go Hog wild (sorry, had to say it) on bacon please read the following disclaimer.  Let me state up front that saying bacon is “healthy” does not mean it’s healthy to eat it in huge quantities nor does it mean it’s healthy to eat large amounts seven days a week. Try to stick to small

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The Most Important Fitness Component for Firefighters…

  March 27, 2015

I often get asked by Firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics to evaluate their current fitness programs and to possibly give some suggestions.  I always try to explain to the individual or group that in order to evaluate the program we must understand the physical demands of the job. Research conducted by York University (Ontario) about the physical demands of Firefighting stated–

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Improving Firefighter Cardiovascular Fitness

  March 26, 2015

What do Fire Rescue Fitness Workouts and the Wisconsin Badgers Basketball Team have in common?   Before I answer that question, I need to explain a little about cardiovascular conditioning and VO2 max.  VO2max is a measure of the maximum rate at which an athlete’s body is able to consume oxygen when performing a specific activity,

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A New Way to Pop-Flip in the Firehouse

  March 17, 2015

The fire service is filled with many great traditions, some good and some not.  One of the fun things that happens in a lot of firehouses is the “pop-flip” for a round of sodas.   Unfortunately, sodas are a huge reason we are staying unhealthy- they have a ton of chemicals and sugars that pack

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