Fire Rescue Fitness is the home of the world's most effective fitness programs and resources for first responders.

 Improving the performance and fitness of firefighters, EMTs, and medics since 2008.

Fire Rescue Fitness is the home of the world's most effective fitness programs and resources for first responders.

 Improving the performance and fitness of firefighters, EMTs, and medics since 2008.

A 50-day journey designed for first responders where we aim to foster and enhance resilience - the very cornerstone of strength and endurance in the face of adversity.  We do this by challenging and empowering you to establish the essential habits that will make you a more fit, happy, and effective firefighter, EMT, medic, chief, officer, dispatcher, parent, partner, friend, and person.

This is a FREE Challenge program that includes workouts, eating guides, motivation, accountability, mental health exercises, and more.



FIRE RESCUE FITNESS is known for making versatile programs that challenge any type of first responder. Our programs are constantly being updated with the latest research to ensure that you will get the best possible results. We have a wide variety of programs to choose from, so there is something for everyone. Plus, our programs are proven and used by thousands of firefighters, EMTs, and medics all over the world.


Fitness and exercise are only half the battle.  Every FRF program includes comprehensive resources to help you improve your nutrition and overall health.  And, we include proven tips and strategies to help you stay motivated and on track with your programs.  The NEW FRF app platform also makes it easy to track workouts either via the app or downloadable PDF versions of the workouts and resources.

Coaching and Support

When you follow an FRF program you join the FRF Nation.  You are not alone on your fitness journey, there are over 4000 firefighters, EMTs, medics, nurses, police officers, and military personnel that are following FRF programs. and are members of our online community.  There is strength, support, and motivation in our numbers.  You can connect with coaching and other members via our FRF app and private groups.  Our mission is to inspire healthy change!


What We Offer

Programs and resources for you and your entire crew.

Individual Workout Programs

FRF offers programs for every level of fitness and goal.  Single programs include all the downloadable PDFs and access to the FRF App platform for one year.

All Access Memberships

NEW!  Gain access to our entire FRF workout library and new programs each month.  FRF offers annual and lifetime membership options.

Department Programs

FRF has resource options for entire departments.   Programs include access for every member of the department including newsletters and fitness training resources.

The FRF Program of the Month

The Program of the Month just happens to be ALL of our FRF Programs.  Get access to every FRF Workout program with the NEW FRF All-ACCESS Package.  This adds up to a years worth of workouts, recipes, eating guides, meal plans, and coaching. 

You get all of our FRF programs (and any new FRF programs).

  • The FRF Foundations Workout
  • The NEW Hero- X Program
  • The FRF 40-day Challenge
  • The Fat Loss for Firefighters Workout
  • The Ultimate Fire Athlete -Phase 1
  • The Super Strong First Responder Body Part Workout Program
  • The Ultimate Fire Athlete - Phase 2
  • Chiefs Program (coming soon)

And get our new FRF Healthy Eating Guide, meal plans, and recipes.


Being a fire rescue athlete is a state of mind

Aaron Zamzow is the owner and creator of FRF.  He is an 18-year Firefighter and EMT in Madison Wisconsin and has worked in the fitness industry for over 25 years as a certified and degreed fitness trainer (NASM, NSCA-CSCS, ACE-PFT) and author.   What started as a single workout program has molded into ten different programs, a fitness app, and a community.  FRF has become a mindset, a culture shift, and a better way to improve the health and fitness of our first responders.  The company was founded on a  mission to help 100,000 first responders improve their health and fitness and get more fit for duty.  Please join the FRF nation and help FRF accomplish that mission.    

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Firefighter Tabata Workout Option to Improve Performance

Looking for an efficient and effective way to improve your cardio performance on (and off) the fireground? Try this FRF Firefighter Tabata Interval…

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Fueling the Fire: 5 Steps to Crafting Healthy and Balanced Meals for Firefighters

As firefighters, maintaining our physical health and energy levels is crucial for performing at our best on duty. One key aspect of this is ensuring we fuel our bodies with nutritious and balanced meals. By following these five simple steps, we can create meals that not only taste great but also provide the essential nutrients we need to stay energized and focused throughout our shifts. Let’s explore how we can easily incorporate healthy eating habits into our busy and demanding schedules to support our overall well-being as firefighters.

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How to Reduce Heart Disease in Firefighters

There is a hidden reason so many firefighters die from heart attacks. Discover the why and how firefighters can reduce their risk of being a “heart attack” statistic.

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The Five Steps Every First Responder Must Take to Improve Their Functional Fitness

How can you improve your functional fitness and be better prepared for the rigors of the job as a first responder (firefighter, EMT, and/or paramedic)? Start by reading and applying these steps… #GETFRF

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Firefighters Don’t Make these Workout Mistakes.

Stuck in a rut or fitness plateau? It happens to everyone at some point during your training. The added stress of the job for first responders can make plateaus occur more than wanted. Here are five steps you can take to avoid and/or get out of your fitness rut.

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Every first responder needs to read this! Improve your health TODAY.

The stress we face as first responders is greater than ever. You must, as a dedicated first responder, commit to managing stress and health. Take care of yourself so you can take care of those you serve (community, crew, family).

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Firefighter (Truckee) Yoga Routine.

As a firefighter, it’s time to embrace the incredible benefits of yoga by rolling out your mat and discovering the perfect combination of physical and mental exercises that have captivated practitioners around the world for thousands of years. The beauty of yoga is that you don’t have to be a yogi to experience its transformative effects.

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Firefighters and Cancer Prevention- Start Here to Reduce Your Risk

The latest research shows that firefighters are more likely to develop cancer than the general population. There are, however ways to reduce your risks. Fire Rescue fitness has created a list of the five best ways to reduce your risks of cancer as a firefighter, EMT, and/or medic.

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Essential Fitness Truths for First Responders: Maximize Your Progress in 2024!

Are you ready to take your level of fitness to the next level? Here are five truths you need to understand in order to do so. In the intense and high-stakes world of firefighting, emergency medical services, or paramedic fields, keeping in top physical shape is essential, not optional. When you’re fighting fires, attending to…

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Sleep 101 for First Responders (Firefighters, EMTs, Medics)

Secure your health and safety on the frontlines! First Responders, discover the keys to effective rest and recovery. Dive deep into the science of sleep, explore practical strategies for improved rest, and understand why high-quality sleep is paramount for your performance and wellbeing as a firefighter, EMT, or medic.

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Valuable Nutrition Resources

sogs to eating healthy first responders cover

Poor nutrition can lead to numerous health issues and impede your fitness progress.  So we provide the tools to make eating healthy in and out of the firehouse easier.  Every FRF Program includes:

  • Nutritional guidelines
  • Portion control guide and meal plan examples
  • Hundreds of delicious recipes
  • Healthy snack guide
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