Stretches that will Improve Firefighter Performance.

  July 17, 2018

Stretching and flexibility are often taken for granted.  The older I get (over 40) the more I realize how valuable the flexibility and mobility components of a workout are.  Often skipped, I believe that a solid flexibility program (active warm-up, stretching and foam rolling) can greatly improve your performance on and off the fire ground.

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Functional Firefighter Crew Workout Option…

  July 6, 2018

I get a lot of emails asking for good workout options for the firehouse when on-shift. Working out on-shift is a major concern, you want to make sure you keep your body in good “fit for duty” condition but also want to make sure you have enough “left in the tank” to respond and perform

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Josh Fulk lost over 100 pounds with FRF…

  June 21, 2018

Heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes are all huge health issues facing the fire service.  Depending on which report you read, the fire service is facing epidemic levels of these issues.   I do feel that there is progress being made on combating these issues and the fire service in general is becoming more health conscious. The

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Intermittent Fasting for Firefighters

  June 20, 2018

FRF (Fire Rescue Fitness) was created to help transform, motivate, and educate firefighters, emts and medics to get “fit for duty.”  One of the things I truly enjoy is researching creative ways to do this!  Along with researching about fitness, I am also a firefighter (like you) so. I understand how difficult it can be

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How to Reduce Obesity in Firefighters…

  June 12, 2018

This is scary…We need to change. Rates of overweight and obese individuals in the fire service are higher than those found in the general public, according to a new study.  Researchers looked at the body composition of both career and volunteer firefighters across the nation, with overweight and obesity rates ranging from 73 percent to

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