Here are what other Firefighters, EMTS and Medics are sending in daily...

"A week of these workouts has left me noticeably toned! I absolutely love this workout plan and I can’t wait to keep going…"

-Liam Rosencrans

"I have posted before, about this workout. If you eat right and do this? IT WORKS! Went from 199 down to 184. Now I'm doing it again, round 2!"

-Kyle Dwight Kortie 

"Hey Aaron, Your FRF Ultimate Athlete workouts have forever changed my approach to fitness, and I've felt as though the job has become "easier" in terms of strength and endurance. Your program has raised my overall fit levels, and I attribute this as the main factor of getting me out of a bad situation a few months ago!
Thanks Again," 

-Rob MacDougall

Hey FRF, I just finished up the Foundations Program and wanted to say thanks!  I feel a lot better and confident during work for sure!!! I started it at 265lbs and at final weigh in I'm 233.4lbs thank you for giving me the tools to change!

Lt. Cody Langlois
Dauphin Fire Dept.

"Thank you! I am a 46 y/o female Volunteer Firefighter. I've done the P90X in the past but was not getting the results I wanted to be fit for duty. Your program has boosted my performance and confidence so much.!  Much appreciation for what you do."

-Sonia Cosgrove

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