Happy Holidays Firefighter Workout…

  December 24, 2015

Happy Holidays- Yes that time of the year where we have a tendency to overindulge and workouts seem to take second place to the holiday rush.   To combat the accumulation of holiday pounds I created this Fire Rescue Metabolic Workout..  This workout requires minimal time, maximal effort and will give you an extreme calorie burn

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The Fire Rescue Fitness Body Weight 500 Workout

  December 21, 2015

It can be very difficult to try to stay “fit for duty” on vacation, during the Holidays,  or if you  don’t have access to a lot of equipment.  This workout will help you stay FRF (fire rescue fit) on vacation or when you are at a firehouse that doesn’t have any fitness equipment.    I actually

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Firefighter Interval Workout- Burn fat with fireground movements…

  December 20, 2015

One of the best ways to incorporate fireground movements into your workouts is to perform what I call “10-minute interval overhauls.”  These are 10 minutes of intervals that can vary in work and rest times that are performed after your strength training sessions.  You can read more about these “interval overhauls” by clicking here.  Today,

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Is CrossFit a Good Firefighter Workout Program?

  December 12, 2015

I’ve worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years and have seen a lot of “fads” come and go.  Not to age myself but when I started in the industry step classes, leotards and zubaz where still popular.  Back in the day every health club focused on having the most updated machinery possible, today

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Firefighter Workout- Progressive Bodyweight Challenge

  December 10, 2015

I get a lot of requests for workouts that require a minimal amount of equipment.  Here is a great Firefighter Bodyweight workout that doesn’t require a lot of equipment and is very efficient (like you need to be on a fire/rescue scene). Click on the video below for a recap. Here is a recap of

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