Firefighter Tabata Workout Option to Improve Performance

  February 23, 2018

Have you heard of Tabata? This is an unusual style workout floating around a lot of gyms and firehouses lately. I wanted to explain what it is and how we, as fire rescue athletes, can incorporate it into an effective workout. “Tabata” is the name of a particular type of workout program that provides increased

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Stay Fit for Fire (and for Life) by doing these 3 things…

  February 19, 2018

Lets face it, plateaus happen.  There are certain days, months and weeks that you don’t feel like you are making any fitness progress.  Maybe you just took a vacation or had a rough shift and just don’t want to workout.     It doesn’t matter if you are a career firefighter, volunteer firefighter, an EMT or

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10 Simple Rules for Firefighter Fat Loss (2018 Edition).

  February 10, 2018

Would you agree that a leaner athlete is a better athlete?  I know this is a “loaded” question.  A lot of the answer has to deal with the sport in which the athlete is participating.  One thing that research shows is that a leaner athlete is a “more efficient” athlete.  When it comes to firefighters,

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