The Firehouse 300 Rep Challenge Workout

  March 8, 2013

300 Rep Challenge for the Firehouse This is a great 300 challenge workout that you can do in the firehouse with minimal weight.  The goal of the workout is to finish in the shortest amount of time possible, not by rushing your reps but by not resting…. All you need for this challenge workout is

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Nutritional Myths at the Firehouse (or any house)

  February 27, 2013

Today I wanted to post about nutrition, more importantly on some of the biggest nutritional myths floating around firehouses (and other houses).  Eat this, don’t eat that…there is so much misinformation on nutrition that it can get to be overwhelming and frustrating.  Take a look at 4 of the biggest nutritional myths, hopefully they can clarify some

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Essential Exercise to Get Fire Rescue Fit

  February 15, 2013

Balance, coordination, power, strength, cardiovascular recovery….all essential fitness traits of the “fit for duty” Fire Rescue Athlete.   If you are a Fire Rescue Athlete (or not) you need to plan your workouts to address each of these traits.  One of the most overlooked is balance and coordination.  As a trainer I get asked how and when

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10 Fitness Tips for the Fire Rescue Athlete

  January 29, 2013

Every year around this time I am asked for the “best” fitness tips to make the new year a healthy one.  Over the years this list has changed and evolved but for the most part if you are a Fire Rescue Athlete you need to be doing these 10 things. 10 Fit Tips for the

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A Great Exercise to Strengthen the Knees and Back

  January 14, 2013

Exercise Upgrade- The Marching Bridge I just received an email from a firefighter in Canada in regards to a “good” exercise to strengthen the knees.  A lot of times knee pain can be associated with poor glute activation and pelvic stability. To work on eliminating this weakness try the marching bridge.  This exercise is an effective tool

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