Controlling Cholesterol in Firefighters

High Cholesterol…
Choose healthy carbohydrates, lower your cholesterol.

Cholesterol comes from eating too many eggs, bacon, and other animal foods high in fat and cholesterol, right? Not always. First off, cholesterol works as a building block for all the cells in the body, as well as your body’s repair mechanism for damaged cells, especially the ones in your blood vessels and digestive tract. So when you consume foods that are high in additives, preservatives, colorings, and other toxic processes it leads to damaged cells. Often times the foods that cause this damage to your cells are your refined and processed carbohydrates. So your body’s response to damaged cells is to release more cholesterol into the blood stream to repair them!

Can stress, family history, alcohol consumption and lack of exercise lead to high cholesterol? Absolutely.

But in the end, what may be the main reason for your elevated cholesterol level? An excess consumption of low quality carbohydrates.  To learn more about good quality carbohydrates, sign-up for your FREE copy of The SOP’s to Eating Lean in the Firehouse.

TRIVIA: Since Vegans often times have 80% of their calories coming from some type of carbohydrate, now you know how they can still have high cholesterol without consuming animal meats high in fats!

Remember, You are a FireRescue Athlete, you must fuel your body correctly to be able to efficiently and effectively perform your job. 
“Train like an athlete, fuel your body like an athlete.”

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