Best Nutrition Advice for Firefighters…

  August 30, 2015

Today I wanted to piggy-back on my post about Saving Firefighters Lives (keep the comments and emails coming).  I know that in health and fitness sometimes the best results are obtained from the simplest advice.  So here goes, in my opinion the absolute best thing you can do to lose weight, get healthy, or live a

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How Do You Define Firefighter Fit?

  August 29, 2015

Are You Firefighter Fit? Most people, when asked this question, will normally think about how much weight they can lift or if the are overweight or not.  I argue that being “firefighter fit (fire rescue fit) is much more than that.  You may be able to lift heavy weights but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you

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Essential Core Exercises for Fire Rescue Athletes…

  August 19, 2015

Fire Rescue Athletes are at a very high risk of back injury, as a matter of fact almost 50% of all firefighters will experience some type of back injury during their career.  Effective core training brings about a proactive approach to protecting your body and joints (especially your back) from injury. Core strength consists of

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Incorporate Fire Ground Movements into Your Workouts…

  August 6, 2015

If you’ve been following my blog posts you know that I think interval training is very applicable to what we (as fire rescue athletes) do on the fire ground. Many of the programs that I create (FRF Ultimate Fire Athlete) incorporates intervals at the completion of each workout, I call them 10-minute Interval Overhauls. These

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Firefighter "Fit for Duty" Workout Schedule

  August 2, 2015

Do you workout on shift?  Should you workout on shift and what is the best workout to perform?  How do you schedule your workouts around your shifts or calls? This is a major concern for the fire rescue athlete.  On one hand we know we should be working out to stay and get fit for

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