The Best Core Exercise for Firefighters

I hope I got your attention with the title of the post.  This is a debatable topic- The best core exercise for firefighters.  There are literally hundreds of different core exercise options but one thing we all can agree on is that a strong core is essential for “strong” movement.  And, that every aspect of firefighting involves either mobility or stability of the spine–A strong core means a strong fire rescue athlete.  Here is a great core exercise (the best…maybe) that challenges your core and shoulder stability-  it takes the traditional plank and adds some instability and motion.  Try to incorporate the Plank- Stir the Pot into your next workout.


Here is how you perform the Stability Ball Plank- Stir the Pot exercise:

Assume a prone position with elbows bent on top of a medium stability ball.  Keep elbows positioned under your shoulders.  Draw your abdomen inward toward your spine then rotate your arms out and to one side rolling the ball under your forearms.  Make a circular motion in one direction.  Return to the starting position then repeat in the opposite direction.  Form is more important than how long or how much!

Perform each rep slowly with good control.  Perform the same number of reps in each direction. 

Now would you agree with the post?  Let me know your thoughts and give this exercise a try!

Stay safe and #GetFRF,

Aaron Zamzow


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