Essential Core Exercises for Fire Rescue Athletes…

Fire Rescue Athletes are at a very high risk of back injury, as a matter of fact almost 50% of all firefighters will experience some type of back injury during their career.  Effective core training brings about a proactive approach to protecting your body and joints (especially your back) from injury. Core strength consists of hip, shoulder, and trunk stability. It is the foundation of efficient movement and vital to optimizing performance and your career as a Fire Rescue Athlete.

When should we work our “core” and how often.   In the FRF Workout Programs,  I recommend performing your core  routine after an active warm-up.  This should occur towards the beginning of the workout…Why?  Because its easier to skip if you leave it to the end of the workout.  I know, I’ve been there, you do your strength training, maybe a little cardio then ‘promise” that you would do some core exercises at home (or the next day).

So, the next time you want to “skip” or work your core, try these 4 basic exercises.  Check out the video below and give them a try, your career and back will thank you.

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Aaron Zamzow

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