Create an Effective Firefighter Workout Schedule

  December 30, 2018

Do you workout on shift?  Should you workout on shift and what is the best workout to perform?  How do you schedule your workouts around your shifts or calls? This is a major concern for the fire rescue athlete.  On one hand we know we should be working out to stay and get fit for

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The 5 Steps to Get More Fit for Duty in 2019

  December 28, 2018

The last five years, I have been sponsoring the FRF “Fit for Duty” Challenge.  This past year there were over 100 submissions from firefighters, EMTs and medics from all over the world (the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) that made some great fitness progress and helped change their lives with improved health and

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Get Leaner, Stronger and Moving Better on the Fireground with these 10 Tips.

  December 26, 2018

These 10 tips will not only help your uniform fit better this year, they will also improve your performance on and off the fire/rescue scene. Would you agree that a leaner athlete is a better athlete?  I know this is a “loaded” question.  A lot of the answer has to deal with the sport in

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FRF “Happy” Holidays Workout

  December 24, 2018

Happy Holidays- Yes that time of the year where we have a tendency to overindulge and workouts seem to take second place to the holiday rush.   To combat the accumulation of holiday pounds I created this Fire Rescue Metabolic Workout.. This workout requires minimal time, maximal effort and will give you an extreme calorie burn

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Get Fire Rescue Fit with this Firefighter Workout Option.

  December 3, 2018

I get a lot of requests for example workouts from the various Fire Rescue Fitness Programs.  This is one of the workouts you will find in the NEW  FRF “Fit for Duty” Challenge Workout Program (now with the FRF Workout App) This is a great Firefighter Body weight workout that doesn’t require a lot of

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