Fire Rescue Fitness Calorie Burning Challenge Workout

By Zamzowfitness | Feb 20, 2020

Great challenge workout for firefighters, EMTs and medics to try. Burn some calories with this FRF metabolic workout for firefighters. Its a fun and scalable workout that does not require a lot of equipment and time.

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Healthy Snack Ideas for Firefighters…

By Zamzowfitness | Feb 13, 2020

Its hard to eat healthy as a firefighter, EMT and/or medic. But, with a little knowledge and some preparation it can be done. Here are some great tips to help keep those firefighters, EMTs and medics eating healthy and performing at their best.

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Essential Firefighter Workout Components

By Zamzowfitness | Feb 6, 2020

What are the components that every firefighter, EMT and medic should include in their workout programs? While there is not a “one size fits all” answer, there are five essential things that fire rescue athletes need to incorporate into their workout programs. Here they are…

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Firefighters- Fix those Tight Hip Flexors with these tips.

By Zamzowfitness | Jan 28, 2020

Tight hips and lower backs are very common in the fire service (and in society). If not addressed tight hips can lead to huge issues in your back and legs. Here are three exercises and steps you must take to help alleviate tight hips.

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5 Reasons Why Every Firefighter, EMT and Medic Should Do Yoga.

By Zamzowfitness | Jan 23, 2020

Yoga, mobility and stretching can help improve performance and the mental health of any firefighter, EMT and medic. Here are 5 great reasons why we all need yoga…

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Try the FRF 300-Rep Challenge Workout

By Zamzowfitness | Jan 14, 2020

No time, No equipment, No excuses. Great workout option for firefighters, EMTs and medics. This workout will boost metabolism and performance.

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Do You Need to Supplement for Fitness Gains?

By Zamzowfitness | Jan 7, 2020

What supplements should I take? A common question heard around a lot of gyms and firehouses. There are many things to consider, take a look at this post…

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How to GET FRF this Year!

By Zamzowfitness | Jan 2, 2020

The Five Steps Every First Responder Must Take to Improve Their Fitness in 2021. This is the time of the year that we all have a tendency to reflect on the past and set goals for the next year.  If one of your goals is to get leaner, stronger, and more fit for duty, I…

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Firefighters Turkey Day Metabolic Workout

By Zamzowfitness | Nov 28, 2019

Here is a great workout option that will help you burn all those Thanksgiving Day calories. Thank you for your service… Give Thanks, eat some bird, stay fit.

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