Great Metabolic Workout for First Responders…

Burn some calories at home, the gym or the firehouse with this metabolic workout.

It is almost Summer.  Gyms are opening back up and the weather is getting nicer.  Time to get back into normal gyms cloths and into your summer uniform.  Does it still fit?

We all tend to overindulge during times of high stress (Covid pandemic), couple that with gyms being closed and you might have found that you gained a little weight the past 2 or 3 months.  It happens.

To combat the accumulation of post-winter pounds and feelings of sluggishness, I created this FRF Metabolic Workout. It will help burn some extra calories and will help you move better on and off the fireground...

This workout requires minimal time, maximal effort and will give you an extreme calorie burn (throughout the day).

Workout Overview:

Intermediate/ Advanced athletes should use weights that they can perform for 15 reps (even though you will only be performing 10 reps) while beginners will use body weight for each exercise.  Each rep should be performed with control (safety first) and good form.

Start with the active warm-up.  You must perform 2 circuits of the warm-up.  After the warm-up, follow the appropriate circuit (beginner or intermediate/ advanced) as quickly as possible.  Your goal is to complete the entire circuit as quickly as possible.  Remember to record your total time (of the metabolic circuit) so you can measure your fitness progress from workout to workout.


Post- Winter Metabolic Circuit

Perform the active warm-up exercises in a circuit, no rest between exercises; follow the suggested reps for each.  Repeat the circuit 2x.

 Click HERE for a video overview of the warm-up.

Warm-up Exercises (reps)

  1. Prisoner Lunges (6x each side)
  2. Step forward Toe Touches (6x ea. side)
  3. Chest hugs (20x)
  4. Waiters bow (6 each arm)
  5. Step Back, Reach Twist (6x each side)
  6. Spiderman’s (6 each side)
  7. Knees side to side (6 each side)
  8. Straight Leg Raises (6x each side)
  9. Hip Crossovers (6x each side)

Repeat the warm-up circuit (total of 2x)

Metabolic Circuit

After the warm-up, perform the exercises in a circuit, rest as little as possible between exercises.  Remember to take rest if you need it.  The idea of the workout is to complete it as fast as possible (using good form) and try to improve your time each workout.  The suggested reps are listed in parenthesis. Click on the video below for an overview of the exercise for the beginner circuit.   Remember to record your total time (minus the active warm-up) and try to improve on it from workout to workout.  Enjoy.

Beginner Exercises                                                

  1. Push-ups (10x)
  2. Body Row (10x)
  3. Prisoner Squats (10x)
  4. Prone Plank Pulses (10x)
  5. Walking Lunges (10 each side)
  6. Bike 2 miles (as fast as possible) or run/ jog .5 miles (as fast as possible) or do a couple flights of steps...

Repeat the circuit again (for a total of 2 or 3x)


For an even greater calorie burn and challenge try the Intermediate/ Advanced Circuit.

Intermediate/ Advanced Exercises  

Click on the video below for an overview of the exercises of the Intermediate/ Advanced circuit.

  1. Spider Push-ups (5 each leg)
  2. Pull-ups (10x)
  3. Squat to Press (10x)   **Choose a weight that you can do around 12 to 15 reps.**
  4. Weighted V-ups (10x) **Choose a weight that you can do around 12 to 15 reps.**
  5. Prone Plank Pulses (marching 10 ea. leg)
  6. Weighted Walking Lunges (10x each leg) **Choose a weight that you can do around 12 to 15 reps.**
  7. Run 1 mile or bike 3 miles (as fast as possible) or run some sprints or stairs...

Repeat the Circuit 2 more times (for a total of 3 circuits).  Try to complete the entire workout in 45 minutes or less.   Do not forget to record your times and try to improve from workout to workout.  Try to improve your overall time from workout to workout.

Stay safe, stay positive, and Get FRF!

Aaron Zamzow


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