The FRF Fat Loss for Firefighters Workout Program


Turnouts and uniform fitting a little tighter? Get lean and strong with the FRF Fat Loss workout program. These metabolic workouts will help you burn calories and get you moving faster. Lose your belly and improve your performance.

Get access to the program immediately via our NEW FRF APP Platform.  You will get PDF copies of all the resources and workouts and can track progress, view exercise videos, message coaches, and discuss with other first responders via this new app and platform.


Program Details

The FRF 60-day Fat Loss Workout will get you leaner and performing better on (and off the fireground).

And, it will get your uniform fitting again!

Access to the NEW FRF App– FRF just launched its own app platform!  The platform allows delivery of every FRF program via PDF and the tracking app.   You can store all of your workout progress, including pictures and assessments in the app.  The platform also includes a discussion board, coaching, and direct access to the author of the program.

Complete Comprehensive Workout Calendar- 60-day training calendar with a daily workout plan that explains what you need to do each day (strength, core, cardio, flexibility, recovery, power, intervals)

Efficient Easy to Follow Workouts- There are different resistance training and cardiovascular workout options. There are workouts for the gym, firehouse, and home. And you will learn how to create workouts for you and your crew that do not require a lot of equipment.

Fireground Movements- This unique workout program includes exercises that will get moving and performing better on and off the fireground. The program will also teach how to effectively integrate climbing, crawling, pushing, pulling and other fireground motions into your workouts.

Easy to follow exercise and workout tutorials– Each exercise and workout has a tutorial sheet that easily explains how to do each workout, exercise, and rep. There are links to video tutorials and additional resources if you have questions. This is a truly “excuse-proof” workout program.

Exercises that build strength, boost metabolism, and burn bodyfat. There are over 100 Exercises with guides that are easy to follow (and printable) that instruct you on proper form. Each exercise links to a video showing it in proper motion also. Most importantly, the program explains how, why, and when to do each exercise.

Special Access to the FRF Workout Crew.-Get access to the Private FRF Facebook group where you can connect with over 1500 like-minded first responders that are using FRF. You also get access to special Q and A sessions and live videos.

Exercise substitution lists and At Home workout options. – If you don’t have access to equipment due to sudden gym shutdowns, every FRF program now includes an exercise substitution list with bodyweight options and all programs include the FRF app that so you can swap out exercises at any time.   No Excuses…

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If this program does not fit your needs or if you feel it is not going to work for you. FRF will refund your money and/or find a program that will.

Start the FRF Fat Loss Program today and I will teach you how to eat to perform and lean up with the (new and improved) FRF Lean Eating Guide.  The PDF manual and included bonus resources will give you:

-Six easy to follow guidelines to get you lean and “fit for duty

-A NEW portion control guide. No more counting calories!

-Teach you how to eat healthy at the firehouse or at any restaurant. No excuses, you can go out and eat right…

-Provide Example meal plans and recipes…

-Includes a tutorial on supplements. What do you need (if any) and why…

-Over 80 healthy recipes to make for you and your crew

The FRF Fat Loss Program has everything you need to succeed.