Fitness Motivation for First Responders- How to Stay Motivated and Positive…

Your mindset can make a huge difference in your fitness progress...

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a good health and fitness level is your mindset.   We all have days that we do not feel like working out... And we all have days that we feel that our workouts "weren't good."   Trust me, we all have them.

The key to maintaining and making fitness progress is to make sure you focus on keeping your mind right.   Today's post is all about that.  I posted a video I did on Facebook and posted some of my favorite FRF fitness quotes below.  I hope this helps.

1.  Stay positive.  If you find yourself going down the "negative" tunnel.  Stop and focus on some positives.  Sometimes you must dig to find them, but it will help change your entire outlook.

2.  You are your biggest competition.  It is easy to start looking at what everyone else is doing, their progress, etc.  Do not get into that habit.   Create YOUR OWN goals and work on improving yourself every day.

3.  Do a Mindset Check.  Make sure you are working towards a goal and have people and programs around you that are helping you.   If you surround yourself with distractions and negative people.... well, you become that.   Find people that lift you up and keep you motivated!


Need some fitness motivation?  FRF has created 21K Challenge for First Responders!  Complete any FRF program in 2021, send in your results, and get our FRF Challenge coin and entered to win prizes.

Click HERE for More Info on the FRF 21K Challenge.


Stay Safe, Stay Positive and GET FRF!


PS.- I posted some of my favorite FRF motivational pics.  Feel Free to copy and share and let me know if there is one I can add.

You Are Your Only limit
Strive for progress, not perfection
be a warm-up one day
no secret formula
tire- arnold quote
Too Early Too cold excuses
the person in the mirror v 2

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