How to Create a Full-body Fitness System for Home and the Firehouse

You Can get fit from home. Here are some ways to create a bodyweight fitness system to help you get and stay lean.

The Coronavirus outbreak has left many without access to a gym and/or fitness equipment.  This has resulted in a scramble and high demand for at home equipment and workouts.   As first responders, our health and fitness is imperative now more than ever.  We need to stay healthy and ready; our fitness cannot take a couple months off (especially now).

The GOOD NEWS is that you can create a functional fitness system with some simple items that will help you stay and get fit during this stressful time. Keep reading and I will show you how and, give you a complete and FREE workout program to show you it is possible.


As fire rescue athletes, we need functional strength in all planes of motion and on unstable ground.  One of the best fitness tools that matches that need are suspension trainers.  There are a handful of suspension training systems on the market, the best known of which is probably the TRX system, The TRX was invented by a former Navy SEAL to help his teammates exercise when deployed.   Personally, I love and use suspension training for many reasons and incorporate it in many of the FRF workout programs.

I like suspension training for first responders for many reasons. First, the exercises are multi planer and very functional for firefighters, EMTs and medics.  Suspension training requires you to use balance, coordination and strength, all aspects required on the fireground.

Another reason I like suspension training is that it promotes core endurance.  If you have never tried suspension training before, you’ll soon find that almost all of the exercises, even the ones that concentrate on certain body parts, will use just about every muscle group, especially the core.

A third benefit: suspension bodyweight training works well for all levels of fitness.  You can easily vary the level of resistance of any exercise, all you have to do is change the various angles of the exercises you’re performing or where you place your feet or arms in relation to the suspension device’s anchor point.

Suspension trainers also use a small footprint.  Finding space at home or in the firehouse can be difficult.  These trainers do not require a lot of space and only require an anchor point like a pull up bar or doorway.  You can perform over 70 different exercise in an exceedingly small space.

And finally, these suspension trainers are fun.  They keep your workouts interesting; you can continually challenge and change the dynamics of a workout with some slight changes in grip or stance.

Equipment Needs
Now that your sold-on suspension training, how do you get one, or even better yet, how can you create one. To perform suspension training, you will need a suspension system and an overhead anchor point. A suspension system is any device that will keep a specific body part from contact with the ground.

The most common system is the TRXThis system features an easily adjustable design that includes handles for the upper body and stirrups for the feet.  The problem with TRX is the cost and the current availability due to the Coronavirus.  There are other suspension systems on the market that are more affordable and are just as durable (here is one you can find on amazon).

These systems are nice to have but, you can make your own system for way less money.  You can easily use webbing, rope, webbing and/or even a couple of blankets.  Look at the videos below to discover how to make your own bodyweight training system.

Over time, you will probably want to buy a system so that it is easier for you to change the length of the system to accommodate for even more exercises.

I hope this helps you understand how and why you should use suspension training in your workouts.  If you are looking for a complete workout program that uses this and other body weight exercises you can do at home or the firehouse, I have you covered.

I created a complete 40-Day workout program for you.  This is a FREE program for all First Responders!  It is the least I can do to help during this uncertain time!

Click here to get access to the FREE GET FRF in 40 Days (At Home) Workout.

Please take advantage of the GET FRF (At home) program and let me know how else I can help you get and stay fit during this time.

Stay safe and healthy,

Aaron "ZAM" Zamzow


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