Fire Rescue Fitness is the home of the world's most effective fitness programs and resources for first responders.

 Improving the performance and fitness of firefighters, EMTs, and medics since 2008.

Fire Rescue Fitness is the home of the world's most effective fitness programs and resources for first responders.

 Improving the performance and fitness of firefighters, EMTs, and medics since 2008.

Enter the FRF Better Every Shift Challenge! Get fit and win cash and prizes.


FIRE RESCUE FITNESS is known for making versatile programs that challenge any type of first responder. Our programs are constantly being updated with the latest research to ensure that you will get the best possible results. We have a wide variety of programs to choose from, so there is something for everyone. Plus, our programs are proven and used by thousands of firefighters, EMTs, and medics all over the world.


Fitness and exercise are only half the battle.  Every FRF program includes comprehensive resources to help you improve your nutrition and overall health.  And, we include proven tips and strategies to help you stay motivated and on track with your programs.  The NEW FRF app platform also makes it easy to track workouts either via the app or downloadable PDF versions of the workouts and resources.

Coaching and Support

When you follow an FRF program you join the FRF Nation.  You are not alone on your fitness journey, there are over 4000 firefighters, EMTs, medics, nurses, police officers, and military personnel that are following FRF programs. and are members of our online community.  There is strength, support, and motivation in our numbers.  You can connect with coaching and other members via our FRF app and private groups.  Our mission is to inspire healthy change!


What We Offer

Programs and resources for you and your entire crew.

Individual Workout Programs

FRF offers programs for every level of fitness and goal.  Single programs include all the downloadable PDFs and access to the FRF App platform for one year.

All Access Memberships

NEW!  Gain access to our entire FRF workout library and new programs each month.  FRF offers annual and lifetime membership options.

Department Programs

FRF has resource options for entire departments.   Programs include access for every member of the department including newsletters and fitness training resources.

The FRF Program of the Month

Join the leaders of the fire service as they Challenge each other to make healthy choices and fitness progress in 2023.  FRF just launched the Better Every Shift Challenge which includes access to three (3) FRF workout programs (40-day, Hero-X, and Ultimate), a challenge coin, coaching, nutrition resources, and a chance to win cash and prizes.

And, the proceeds will benefit the Firefighter Cancer Support Network, the First Responder Center for Excellence, and the Science Alliance.  Join the Challenge and help change the culture of the fire service.  


Being a fire rescue athlete is a state of mind

Aaron Zamzow is the owner and creator of FRF.  He is an 18-year Firefighter and EMT in Madison Wisconsin and has worked in the fitness industry for over 25 years as a certified and degreed fitness trainer (NASM, NSCA-CSCS, ACE-PFT) and author.   What started as a single workout program has molded into ten different programs, a fitness app, and a community.  FRF has become a mindset, a culture shift, and a better way to improve the health and fitness of our first responders.  The company was founded on a  mission to help 100,000 first responders improve their health and fitness and get more fit for duty.  Please join the FRF nation and help FRF accomplish that mission.    

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Every Firefighter Needs This Important Fitness Trait

Firefighters have a physically demanding job and need to prepare for these demands via proper fitness and training. In this post, FRF will look at the research and breakdown the most important fitness trait a firefighter needs to insure they meet the demands of the job. #GETFRF

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The Best Benefits of Fiber for Firefighters

Anyone can reap the benefit of more fiber in their diet. Firefighters, however, due to the high risk of heart disease and cancer can really benefit from getting the right amount of fiber in their daily food intake.

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Calories In vs. Calories Out for Weight Loss

First responders, the key to maintaining a healthy weight relies on your understanding of the principles of the calories in versus calories out equation.

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Create an Effective Firefighter Workout Schedule

Should you do a workout on shift? The answer is “YES” but it should be part of a plan. Fire Rescue Fitness explains the best way to create a firefighter workout schedule for optimal performance on and off the fire/ rescue scene.

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The First Responders Guide to Percussion (massage) Guns

Have you used a percussion or massage gun? Discover the best way to utilize this new device to optimize your performance and alleviate those aches and pains. And, learn which ones are worth the investment.

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Is IM Fasting Good for Firefighters, EMT’s and Medics?

Fasting for first responders? Yes, this eating technique can help manage stress, curb cravings and keep you healthy. Click the link to read and watch all about it.

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FRF-Quick and Efficient First Responder Workout Option

Do not let the excuse of a “lack of time” time ruin your fitness progress. Here is a great workout option from FRF that will help you stay fit and healthy even if you don’t have a lot of time. No Excuses, get fire rescue fit…

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First Responders- 5 Ways to Reduce Sugar

Sugars are found in a lot of common foods. These added sugars can wreak havoc on your health and physique. Never fear, these 5 tips will help you control that sweet tooth and lose that extra weight.

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Firefighters- START HERE to Improve Your Functional Fitness

Discover how to train more functionally for the fireground and the functional fitness formula you need to follow as a firefighter, EMT and/ or medic. Time to get functionally fit for duty.

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The Healthy 10- How to define a healthy Firefighter

What does a healthy and fit firefighter, EMT, and/or medic look like? This list will help define and guide members of the fire service to better health. Listen to Aaron Zamzow on the FRF Podcast Talk about the “Healthy 10.” Take a firefighter that is 10 percent body fat, works out regularly, and can perform…

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Valuable Nutrition Resources

sogs to eating healthy first responders cover

Poor nutrition can lead to numerous health issues and impede your fitness progress.  So we provide the tools to make eating healthy in and out of the firehouse easier.  Every FRF Program includes:

  • Nutritional guidelines
  • Portion control guide and meal plan examples
  • Hundreds of delicious recipes
  • Healthy snack guide
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