The Best Workout App for Firefighters, EMTs and/or Medics

Every FRF Workout includes the new FRF. This is the best workout App for firefighters, EMTs and medics.

You spoke and we listened... Thousands of firefighters, EMTs, and medics have been using FRF workouts for the past 5 years.  The results these first responders have achieved are motivating and speak for the effectiveness of the FRF programs (see below).  The feedback we get from these responders is also highly positive.  But, there is one aspect of the program that we found we could improve.  And, that is to provide a way to record workouts and track progress via an app.......

I am happy to announce that the FRF workout programs are now available via our own FRF App platform.  The app is being included with any and ALL FRF workout programs.  We have programs for all levels of fitness and for a wide range of fitness goals.  Along with the tracking app, all the FRF workout programs include eating guidelines, recipes, meal plan suggestions, email coaching, and access to our Private FRF Workout Crew Page.  And, if you are "old school" and like to write down your workouts, every program still includes PDF workout log sheets that you can print and take to the gym.   Our FRF Programs now have everything you need to succeed!

Click here for more information on our FRF Workout programs.

Get results like these firefighters, EMTs, and medics (below).

Choose your workouts, get started, and see results.  Thousands of firefighters, EMTs, and medics are using FRF to get and stay "fit for duty."

Please comment and message me with any questions.  My goal is to help 100,000 firefighters, EMTs, and medics get more fit.  Let me know how I can help you.

Stay safe and Get FRF,

Aaron Zamzow

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