Fit Firefighters Daily Checklist

Do these three things everyday to stay fit for duty and fit for life.

Lets face it, plateaus happen.  There are certain days, months and weeks that you don't feel like you are making any fitness progress.  Maybe you just took a vacation or had a rough shift and just don't want to workout.     It doesn't matter if you are a career firefighter, volunteer firefighter, an EMT or even a professional football player.  We have all been there.  Heck, I've been there too.

And, when you hit a fitness plateau you start to search for motivation and for information.  Unfortunately in this day and age, it seems like fitness information is coming from every angle.  The so-called experts tell us that we need to "do yoga, do crossfit, do low intensity, do high intensity, do weights, don't do weights, eat this, don't eat that."  It can get to be very frustrating and in some cases overwhelming.

My goal with FRF is to sift through all the so-called research and experts predictions to give you solid resources that will get you fit for duty and fit for life.  Today,  I want to give you 3 (actually I threw in a bonus 4th) things you can do to stay fit in and out of the firehouse.  Think of these tasks as your daily "checklist" of health.  These are very easy tasks and will help you get and keep your fitness on-track.

Click the video below to discover the 3 things you can do to stay fit for duty...

Here are the things you can do to break through any plateau and stay/ get on-track with your fitness.  I encourage you to do them everyday, especially if you have been struggling.

  1.  Stay hydrated Water is the source of energy, it helps in all metabolic processes and can decrease your chances of sudden cardiac arrest and stroke.  Stay hydrated can also help boost performance.  Try to drink 1/2 your body-weight in ounces of water a day!
  2. Stay Mobile.  Try to do some stretching, foam rolling or even yoga every shift.  The better you move, the better you perform.  Mobility exercises are easy to do and don't require a lot of time or space.  Personally, I like to foam roll a couple of times during each shift.
  3. Eat Real Food!  This sounds like a no-brainier but our typical American diet is laced with many chemicals and sugar.  Try to keep the foods you eat simple, minimize all the chemicals and really try to limit sugar.  You will notice a difference in your performance and appearance!

I hope these help.  I know they help me when I am struggling, they help me get back in control of my fitness.

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Stay safe and Get FRF (Fire Rescue Fit),

Aaron Zamzow

Hey, thanks for reading the article.  Here is a Bonus #4  thing you can do to stay fit.

   #4.  Follow a plan.  Approach your fitness like an athlete does.  Have a plan when you workout and strive to improve your performance every day.   Need a plan?

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