Flexibility Hacks for Firefighters…

Attention firefighters, EMTs and medics.  Stop neglecting your flexibility! I know its easy to skip your stretching and flexibility exercises.  So, here are some easy "hacks" to help you incorporate more stretching into your workout and day.  These will help you move better, perform better and ultimately could help you save a life!  Click the video below and give these a try...

Here is some more information about foam rolling.  I think the foam roller is an essential tool for every fire rescue athlete (firefighter, EMT and medic).  I use it everyday, I know it can improve your performance.  Click the link below for more information on foam rolling positions and how to use them.

Foam rolling for firefighters click here for the link

And, give this 4-minute stretch routine a try before your next shift or after your next FRF Workout.   This is a great way to help you recover and move better.  This can also reduce tightness in the low back.

4-minute stretch routine. Click here for this easy routine that can really help you move better.

Focus on movement and the strength and power will come.  Just remember that.  I hope these tips will help you move and perform better.   Stay consistent with your flexibility and your body and career will thank you!

Stay safe and Get FRF!

Aaron Zamzow

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