FRF One Minute Mobility Routine

Motion is lotion! Try this one-minute routine to help improve blood flow and mobility.

Movement and mobility can help improve performance, cognitive function, and mental clarity.  I know there are a lot of firefighters, EMTs, and medics that are immobile due to pain and stress.  This is where a quick and effective mobility routine can help.

FRF created a Movember Mobility Challenge to motivate first responders to improve mobility by incorporating stretching/ dynamic moves for at least 60-seconds a day.  Movement is medicine and can lead to better health both physically and mentally.   Movember started as a movement to make men more aware of their health issues.  FRF is just adding an extra mobility component.

For more information about the Movember movement, go to  To get moving and more mobile, give this routine a try.

Try this routine before your next workout, shift, or any time throughout the day.  Check out the FRF Youtube Channel for other routines (click here).  


Perform each movement for 20 seconds in a circuit.

- Knee Hugs (work balance)

-Shoulder Circles

-Step Back and Reach (up)

Repeat often.

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

Get moving!

-Aaron Zamzow

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