Get moving for Men's Health. FRF is challenging members to move sixty seconds a day.

It is "MO" vember, the month formerly known as November.  This is the month when brave and selfless men around the world grow a mo-stache, and people step up to support them, all to raise awareness and funds for men's health - specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention.

FRF has created a unique Movember challenge (besides trying to grow a mo-stache).  This challenge revolves around movement and improving mobility.  Why?  The better we move, the better we feel, the better we perform, and ultimately the better we serve.

What is the FRF Mobility Movember Challenge?  Watch the video for the details.


Motion is Medicine.  The Challenge is to perform AT LEAST 60 seconds of mobility exercises each day for the month of November.  The 60 seconds represents the 60 men dying of suicide every hour globally.  And, suicide rates are significantly higher among men with males accounting for 75% of all suicides in America.

For more data and statistics about men's health issues, please visit  You can also contribute to the cause and join Team FRF (click here).  More importantly, get off your butt and get moving.  Participate in the FRF Mobility Challenge.  I will post 1-minute routines on the FRF Facebook and Youtube page for you to follow.  And I will be updating this post with new routines throughout the month.

Please reach out with questions and share the Movember Movement.

-Aaron Zamzow (ZAM)


Here is a great 1-minute routine to get you started!  

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