Vote for the 2018 Fit for Duty Champion…

  April 30, 2018

Congratulations to all the 2018 FRF Fit for Duty Challenge participants!

This year over over 100 Firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics entered their results.  There were many inspiring results and stories showing how the Fire Rescue Fitness Workouts have helped change lives and careers.  Most importantly, our hope is that these results will help motivate more fire rescue athletes to join the FRF nation and change the fitness culture of the fire service.

Please read and share these awesome transformation stories.  And, please comment with your thoughts on the winner, 2 through 5 places who was the most inspiring.  You can also vote by "liking"  the athlete on our FRF Facebook Page (click here).  Voting ends on May 5th (midnight-cst).  Winners (final spots) will be announced May 7th.

Here are the Top entries (listed in random order) in the 2018 FRF Fit for Duty Challenge.

(Your comment, like and share counts as a vote.)


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46 responses to “Vote for the 2018 Fit for Duty Champion…

  1. This appears to be a very good program as all participents have shown such great results.Congratulations to you all for your accomplishments.

  2. They all did amazing, but I enjoy seeing my mother happy. She has done amazing and I am glad that she lost 29.5 lbs. Go Sara Cassese!

  3. Wow. Inspiring stories all around. And impressive results! I vote for Les Card as overall winner, but I send my congratulations and thanks to all. Nice to see those who take care of us taking care of themselves.

  4. My vote is for Les Card. You look great Les ! Kudos on all the hard work …you have always been such a positive, supportive, kind man and you deserve this. I’m sure you will mentor and challenge others along your journey !!

  5. Congratulations, Cary Castagna! You’ve got my vote. Not only do you look amazing, but you also continue to impress us with what a fantastic human being you are!

  6. I vote for Josh Fulk.

    I have no personal or professional ties to any of the competitors; it appears that some commenters do.

  7. I congratulate you all on your accomplishments, however, I’d like to cast my vote for Josh Fulk. I too have no ties to any of the candidates.

  8. I vote for myself…But I am proud to be in line woth brothers and sisters of such caliber and hard working as this group and all the others who participated.

    I am motivated beyond words by all of you

  9. Congratulations to all of you! Your hard work and enthusiasm is part of who we are as firefighters! My vote goes to Les Card for recognizing how mental health had an important role to overcoming his overall health! I also want to commend Josh for his stamina and ability to listen to the people around him. Hope to see a whole new Josh next time!

  10. My vote is for Cary Castagna! Serving not one but two departments, and working hard to serve both of them to the best of his ability is inspiring!

  11. Everyone that took place in the challenge, awesome job, you are all a great inspiration to someone like myself. I would like to thank you all for telling your stories and putting yourselves out there. I have found it is not easy to let others know that we have issues that we are dealing with, personal or otherwise. The person that has inspired me the most is Gary Castagna. I find myself having the same problems that He has talked about in His story. My vote is for GARY CASTAGNA.

  12. Congratulations to all participants, great job! My vote is for Cary Castagna, amazing transformation, you look awesome, way to go!

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