Motivational Monday- How FRF Got Started.

Aaron Zamzow (ZAM) is on a mission to help 100,00 firefighters, EMTs, and medics improve their performance, reduce injuries, and prolong their careers.

About Fire Rescue Fitness…

My name is Aaron Zamzow.  I’m a Firefighter, Training Officer, and EMT in Madison Wisconsin, and a certified and degreed Personal Fitness Trainer and author.  I am the owner of Fire Rescue Fitness ( a company dedicated to creating products and blogs focused on keeping Firefighters, EMTs, and Paramedics in the top physical condition and “fit for duty.”

First and foremost, I am a firefighter/ EMT and have been for almost 15 years.  I have also been working in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer and author for 25 years.  I've been fortunate to train with elite athletes for the NBA, NHL, and NFL and have studied under some of the top trainers in the world.

Zam using video to educate firefighters.

I created Fire Rescue Fitness 15 years ago because I was discouraged by my own level of fitness during my first academy and the lack of resources available on firefighter fitness.   At that time,  there were only two different programs geared toward firefighters and they weren't even created by anyone with a fire service background.   I then decided to use my previous knowledge working with athletes and available research connections to develop Fire Rescue Fitness.   The first few programs I designed were mainly created to help me personally keep up, and then, eventually thrive in my own academy.  Today, these same programs have been redesigned to be more user-friendly (using technology)  and efficient and include a huge done-for-you nutrition component.

My mission now is to use my knowledge and experience to help over 100,000 Firefighters, EMTs and Medics transform their fitness, improve their performance and prolong their careers.   All the FRF programs combine over 25 years of fitness and 15 years of firefighting experience and are endorsed by hundreds of fire rescue athletes and elite trainers.  And, these are the same programs I have used to help successfully complete two different fire academies (my last one in my last 30’s) and prepare me for the CPAT and other fire entry fitness tests.  I believe FRF can help you because it helps me! The picture is my results from the FRF Rapid Fat Loss Workouts.  Give them a try for yourself and create your own before and after pics…

I am excited to help you on your journey to improved health and wellness.  Please contact me for help and questions.


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