Firefighters- Improve your Performance with this Movement.

I have a confession to make…sometimes I skip my active warm-up exercises when I workout.

We are all guilty of it (admit it).  Let’s face it, sometimes you hit the gym or the workout room in the firehouse and are tired or short on time and will “sacrifice” the warm-up and stretching.   I do not recommend EVER skipping your warm-up.  If you have read my posts in the past you understand how important the active warm-up and flexibility portions of the workout are.  Need a refresher, click here for a great post about active warm-ups and flexibility.

So, today I wanted to give you a very quick active warm-up movement option that can be used as a substitute or as an addition to your normal active warm-up.      You can use this movement to warm-up before your workout or drills and throughout your shift to increase flexibility and reduce injuries.  Take a look at the video below.

Please, give this movement a try!

Stay safe and Get FRF,

Aaron Zamzow

My goal with Fire Rescue Fitness is to help 100,000 firefighters, EMTs and Medics get stronger, leaner and fit for duty.  Check out some of the results of FRF… (very humbling).   Let me know how I can help you…

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