5 Ways to Get Leaner and Stronger on (and off) the Fireground.

Attention Firefighters, EMTs and Medics (Fire Rescue Athletes).

Would you agree that a leaner and stronger athlete is a better athlete?  I know this is a "loaded" question.  A lot of the answer has to deal with the sport in which the athlete is participating.  One thing that research shows is that a leaner and stronger athlete is a "more efficient" athlete.  When it comes to firefighters, this is a valid finding.  Efficiency in general terms, describes the extent to which time, effort or cost is well used for the intended task or purpose. So, a more efficient Fire Rescue Athlete will be able to do more work with less physical effort.  This is especially important since most of our "more intense" work as Fire Rescue Athletes comes when breathing air via an SCBA.

It can be difficult to stay lean as a firefighter, there are the food temptations at the firehouse, the lack of sleep and stress associated with the job.  My goal with firerescuefitness.com is to provide firefighters, EMTs and Medics (fire rescue athletes) with resources that can improve performance and prolong careers.  So, here are 5 ways (actually 6) great tips to help you get stronger and leaner in the next couple of weeks.  These tips will lean out your waistline and improve your performance on (and off) the fire/ rescue ground.paleo

  1. Consume whole foods that are high in fiber and low in sugar, such as lean protein sources (lean beef, chicken, fish, and whey protein), fruits & vegetables (oranges, apples, strawberries, blueberries, broccoli, peppers, asparagus, carrots, nuts (almonds, cashews, & walnuts), and whole grains.
  1. Drink water or green tea instead of calorie-filled drinks such as soft drinks.  Green Tea has many health benefits and proper hydration is critical for optimal performance. Progressive dehydration from exercise (or fireground operations) impairs performance, mental capacity and perception of effort, and it can be life-threatening. With as little as a 2% shortage of body water, the ability to perform a high-intensity activity can be greatly impaired. Water is used in almost every bodily function. To name just a few, it is responsible for absorbing and transporting all but four vitamins, storing carbohydrate in your liver and muscle tissue, aiding digestion, transporting and removing waste products in the blood, keeping your immune system functioning properly, and so much more. To save you from a very dry and science heavy read I will just say this; without optimal water levels, arguably every function of your body including burning fat, would be negatively affected in some way. Drink plenty of water at regular intervals, and aim to replace fluids at the same rate that they’re lost. At minimum, consume 64 oz. of water a day.  Increase that amount when exercising on duty and after you’ve completed your workout to avoid being dehydrated at the scene.
  1. Follow a consistent and effective EXERCISE program!  Yes, you can lose weight and fat just by changing your eating habits. But, Fire Rescue Athletes need to be ready for any situation! A well planned fitness program is essential. But, very few fitness programs prepare Fire Rescue Athletes to be "fit for duty" and help decimate fat.....until now. Click here to learn about the Fire Rescue Fitness Workout Programs.  Get "fit for duty!" See the results below!


  1. Avoid ADDED Sugar. Look for sugar in the ingredients and not just the nutrition facts. Sugar occurs naturally in many foods and is healthy for the body. The goal of reading the label is to make sure sugar is not an added ingredient. If it is not added, then do not worry about the natural sugar on the fact list.  As far as how much sugar can you have in a day?  The World Health Organization suggests that no more than 10 percent of your daily calories come from added sugar, so that’s a good dietary goal.  By reading labels you can figure out the number of calories you eat each day and how much sugar.
  1. frf-rapid-fat-loss-for-ff-calendar-workoutConsistent fat loss requires good habits. If you want to create good habits, then you need plan. Therefore, map out your meal and your workouts and follow your plan. If you follow your plan everyday for 2-3 weeks, you will form healthy habits that become part of your daily routine and part of your life.

Bonus:  Follow the 90% rule. If you can follow your plan 90% of the time, you will soon see unwanted fat melt off your body. However, if you find yourself breaking these rules more than 90% of the time, your chances of failing increase significantly.

Time to get "Fit for Duty,” I know these tips will help (if you use them)!

Aaron Zamzow


Fire Rescue Fitness is dedicated to getting firefighters, EMTs and medics “fit for duty.”  Each one of the FRF workouts include the above components and are guaranteed to get you stronger, leaner and moving better on the fire ground.  Take a look at the results thousands of Fire Rescue Athletes are getting with the FRF Firefighter Fat Loss Workout Program… Guaranteed to get you results


When I started the FRF Rapid Fat Loss Workout I weighted 310.3 lbs with a body fat of 36%. I was able to lose over 60 pounds at the end I weighted 243.2 lbs with a body fat of 24.5%! 

My health was starting to get in the way of my life and the job was starting to get hard for me.  My weight was really starting to slow me down in every aspect of life and the job.

The program truly helped me not only lose weight but I’ve seen a huge change in my day to day life (and not just at work).  I have more energy and I look forward to getting outside and being active.  Around the station I’m the guy now that says let’s go outside and train, do some hands on stuff.

The programs was really easy to follow–everything was laid out for you and if you didn’t know how to do a workout you could go online and check it out (which was really nice for me). I’m still working (every day) to get in even better shape to insure that I am always “fit for duty.” Thanks for this great program!    -Kevin Glover

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 Take a look the results Adam Hurford got using the FRF Rapid Fat Loss Workout…

When I started the program, I saw weight loss initially, then noticed my cardio was much improved. People kept saying man you look good. After about a month then the body transformation just started booming. My final numbers were even surprising to me.  I lost a total of 45 pounds from 280 to 235, my body fat % went down from 33.2% to 25.8% and I lost a total of 22.25 inches and 6 pant sizes!  I can even see my abs again, the first time since high school.

The weight loss is great but the biggest change with using FRF was that my cardio and my ability in bottle drills was amazing. I could last on my bottle 2-3X longer. The guys at the station noticed and their confidence in me (and in the crew in general) improved.

I enjoyed the FRF workouts, they were easy to follow yet allowed for diversity.  They also used and followed a progression that allowed me to build a very solid “fitness” base. I used the stretching portion at the station and even got my crew involved.  We all noticed the increase in our flexibility!

My life is better because now, I feel like I can perform at a much higher level–I have more strength and stamina, which I was lacking before.  Thank you Aaron for breaking me free of my eating and working out demons and showing me the proper way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.   –Adam Hurford

 Here are the results  other firefighters got with the program…


“Hey Aaron.  Just wanted to say thanks for the easy to follow workout program and eating guidelines. Today is day 28 of the program for me and I am happy to report I had great success. Total weight loss for me in the 28 days was 10.5#, I lost 1 1/2 inches off my waist, 5 inches off my belly.  What a nice feeling it is to have loose fitting pants again. Thanks again and I will let you know the results when the program is finished.  Thanks Again and Take Care.”

-Charlie Bau

“So far, I LOVE IT!  Lost 8 pounds in the first month and my core is stronger than ever. I feel more flexible and move faster.  The interval overhauls are a great idea and an easy way to incorporate “real” fire ground movements.  Looking forward to the next 6 weeks…..”

-R.  Heltsrtun

“Hey Aaron, I just have to send you a message to thank you for the workout program.  As of today I have lost 22 lbs., my body has definitely changed and become more defined and my turnouts are fitting me better.  The Eating Guidelines were a huge help and the cardio intervals kicked my butt in-shape.  I have a lot more energy!  I don’t feel rundown and tired after long calls now.  Thank You!”

-J. Markels

“Hey Aaron, Thank God for your program.  I’ve only been on it for just over a couple of weeks and I’m already seeing results. I’m fitting into pants that I couldn’t get into a couple of weeks ago.  I really notice a difference on calls now, I’m able to climb in my gear and don’t fatigue like I used to.  I’m moving better, stronger and definitely leaner!”

-T Heptins


  1. Danielle Jacobs on November 6, 2018 at 8:29 pm

    Hi there, I just joined the volunteer department in my neighbourhood. I’m not looking to loose weight but would love some tips on excercises that would help my performance on the field!

    • Zamzowfitness on November 6, 2018 at 10:29 pm

      Hello Danielle, welcome to the fire service. You are in the right place for some tips. Keep checking back to http://www.firerescuefitness.com for more. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions and check out our workouts section for programs that can really help. Let me know what I can do to help you!
      Aaron Zamzow

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