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Happy New Year!

By Aaron Zamzow (ZAM) | Jan 1, 2013

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!   I also wanted to thank all the members of the Fire Rescue Fitness Nation and to let you know I am committed to providing you with the best content, workouts and fitness programming.   Please continue to join me in 2013 and commit to getting/staying…

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A Great Post Holiday Metabolic Workout

By Aaron Zamzow (ZAM) | Dec 23, 2012

Happy Holidays- Yes that time of the year where we have a tendency to overindulge and workouts seem to take second place to the holiday rush.   To combat the accumulation of holiday pounds I created this Fire Rescue Metabolic Workout..  This workout requires minimal time, maximal effort and will give you an extreme calorie burn…

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Essential Components of a Fire Rescue Workout Program

By Aaron Zamzow (ZAM) | Dec 1, 2012

This blog topic is one near and dear to my heart and your career–Workouts for Fire Rescue Athletes. Over the last couple of months I’ve been writing about some of the more popular workouts seen in firehouses across the world. You can read about them here and here or listen to a great radio interview about this topic HERE.  I’ve received a…

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10 Ways to Avoid the Cold and Flu

By Aaron Zamzow (ZAM) | Nov 17, 2012

It’s that time of year again when the common cold and flu begins being passed from one person to the next. Each year the common cold affects the average person two times, and can affect the fire rescue athlete even more.  The sneezing, coughing, sore throat, and runny nose leave you wanting to curl up…

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A Great Fire Station Workout

By Aaron Zamzow (ZAM) | Nov 4, 2012

I get a lot of requests for workouts that can be performed on duty with equipment at the firehouse.  Today my crew and I performed this intensive 30 minute interval workout.  This workout will get your heart racing, challenge your core and work your muscles. The workout consists of three, 10 minute intervals each with…

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Trick or Treat- Why Sugar is Bad

By Aaron Zamzow (ZAM) | Nov 2, 2012

If your firehouse (or house) is anything like the one I work in its full of leftover Halloween candy and sweets. Now I must admit, I like a good treat now and then but often I have a very difficult time stopping with just one.  Why?  Sugar.  Its everywhere in almost everything and too much…

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Cardio Workouts for Firefighters

By Aaron Zamzow (ZAM) | Oct 27, 2012

Cardiovascular fitness is obviously a very important concern for the fire rescue athlete (firefighters, paramedics and EMTs).  Lately I’ve been researching, creating then performing a lot of 10-minute interval overhauls and wanted to share them with you today.  You can do one of these separately after a strength workout or combine all three for a good cardiovascular workout.  These only…

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The Best Fire Rescue Workout Program– The Great Debate

By Aaron Zamzow (ZAM) | Oct 19, 2012

I figured with the presidential elections and debates going on I thought it was a good time to debate about something worthwhile (not that the election/ debate is not but after a while they all sound like “blah, blah, blah.”) This topic is one near and dear to your heart and career–Workouts for Fire Rescue Athletes.…

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Diet Soda in the Firehouse

By Aaron Zamzow (ZAM) | Oct 10, 2012

Drink Diet Soda? There’s been a lot of discussion around the firehouse lately about the “dangers” of drinking soda and diet soda. The topic was started after I revealed my personal “diet soda” experiment.  Three years ago I wanted to know if diet soda was bad for you or just getting a bad rap.  My…

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