FRF Mobility Routine for First Responders

Aleviate back pain and tight hips with these movements.


This FRF “flow” routine is a combination of back and hip mobility movements that will help alleviate those tight hips and back muscles.  I suggest performing this routine before your shifts and workouts especially if you are feeling tight and stiff.

The routine starts with a downward dog or inverted “v” position and progresses to the cobra.    These movements will help open the upper back and hips.  The next movement is the spiderman lunge and rotation.  This is an FRF favorite that lets you get a deep hip stretch and will open the chest and upper body.  The Scorpion stretch, the next movement, gets your hips moving in a different way, which will stretch the hip flexors and can relax your lower back.  And finally, the lunge to overhead reach will unlock the hips and improve the mobility of your shoulders and lats.  Try to do 3 reps of each movement and hold each for 2-3 seconds.  Repeat the circuit or flow as needed.

By combining all of these movements you will improve the mobility and flexibility of the hips, shoulders, upper and lower back, muscles, and hamstrings.  Not that you need to spend hours upon hours working through this flow series; it can be done anytime, anywhere, and it's not limited to workouts. I personally will do this coming on and off of shift, especially if I am feeling tired and tight.  It is also the perfect wake-up routine and/or a great way to end every day too. 


FRF Hip and Back Mobility Flow Routine

Perform 3 reps of each exercise.  Move from exercise to exercise in a controlled manner.  Make sure to breathe and relax into each movement and maintain good posture. Repeat if time permits.

Click here for a PDF printable copy of the routine to hang in the gym and/or workout room.

-Downward dog to cobra- 3 reps

-Spidermans with rotation- 3 reps each side

-Scorpion Movement- 3 reps each side

-Lunge with overhead reach- 3 reps each side


Stick to this routine for a couple of weeks and I guarantee you will be moving and feeling better.  Give it a try!


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