Short on time and equipment? try this great bodyweight workout.

This is a great workout option for home or the firehouse.  All you need to complete the workout is a little space and some webbing or blankets or even a broom handle to perform the "row" movements.  This is a complete workout that includes active warm-up exercises to improve mobility, core and strength exercises to improve functional strength and a cardio interval to improve cardiovascular recovery.

The video below gives a detailed summary of the workout.  Do not skip the active movements or core exercises.   Perform each exercise and movement with good posture and maintain good control and form.

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Start with the active warm-up movements then proceed to the core/prehab exercises.  After you complete 2 circuits of each, move to the bodyweight strength exercises.  Perform 1 to 3 circuits of the strength exercises, depending on your level of fitness.  Finish with the afterburner (5-minutes of Hell Challenge) and stretch routine.  YOU GOT THIS!

bw #1 overview picture- active warm ups

After completing 2 circuits of the active warm-up exercises (above).  Perform 2 circuits of the core exercises (below).

bw #1 overview picture- core

Now on to the strength portion of the workout.  Perform as many reps of each exercise in a minute.  You can stop and rest at any time during the minute if needed.  Try to push yourself to improve the number of reps from workout to workout.  As soon as you complete one exercise (minute), move to the next.  The entire circuit will take 8 minutes.  If you are more advanced, you can repeat the circuit another time or 2 (2 -3 circuits).  Use good form and control each rep.  After you complete your last circuit, perform the 5 minutes of Hell challenge.

bw #1 overview picture- strength 1

You can create a suspension training system at home out of blankets, webbing or even a broom handle.  Click here for a quick tutorial:

bw #1 overview picture- strength 2

After you complete the strength training, try this quick interval routine.

Start the interval timer and perform the first exercise crawls as fast as you can for 30 seconds.  After the first 30 seconds, switch to side to side shuffles or toe touches for the next 30 seconds; continue then with mountain climbers, burpees and then perform the wall sit (or plank).  After the wall sit, repeat a second time.  Just go from one to the next every 30 seconds until the 5 minutes is up.  Try to make it all 5 -minutes without stopping.  You can change these exercises to meet your personal preferences and equipment available.

bw #1 overview picture- hell

Finish the workout with a 4 minute stretch routine!  This looks like a long workout, but if you adhere to the short rest intervals, you can complete this workout in around 30 minutes depending on the number of strength training rounds you perform.  Give it a try!

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Stay safe and healthy,

Aaron "ZAM" Zamzow


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