Firefighters- Fix those Tight Hip Flexors with these tips.

Three ways to help improve hip flexibility and strength.

Do you suffer from a tight lower back or hips?  Here are three things you need to do to help alleviate the soreness and tightness.  Try to incorporate these stretches and exercises into your next shift and workout.  Watch the video below...

STEP 1- Stretch the Hip Flexors

Work on positions that stretch the hip flexors.  Try to hold positions for 20 to 30 seconds.  Always maintain good posture when stretching and breathe easy

STEP 2- Foam Roll the Hips and Glutes


Foam rolling will help to bring blood flow to the hips and glutes which will help with recovery.  Hold over the "hot spots" for at least 15 to 30 seconds.   You will love and hate the foam roller.

Click here for other ways to use the foam roller for recovery.


STEP 3- Strengthen the Glutes

Tight hip flexors and muscles around the hips can lead to weaker glutes.. and visa-versa.  Make sure to focus on strengthening the deep muscles of the glutes.  Try to do these exercises at least 3 times per week.


Don't let tight hips lead to other ailments.  Make an effort to stretch, foam roll and strengthen the hips and glutes.  These three tasks can not only alleviate your tight hips but they can also prevent and help all kinds of leg and back issues.

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