Firefighter Challenge Workout for your Crew

Great Crew Total Body Challenge Workout for the Firehouse (or any gym).

Here is a great assessment and/ or workout to challenge your entire body.  The workout does not require a lot of equipment so you can do it at the firehouse (or your house).  You can substitute these exercises if you want based on your available equipment.

You must perform the active warm-up first.  This warm-up will increase your core temperature, improve range of motion and get you ready for the workout.  (Click here for a quick overview of the warm-up exercises).

Perform 2 circuits of the following 5 exercises:
1.  Chops (5-10 reps)
2.  Knee Hugs (5-10 reps each)
3.  Spidermans (5-10 reps each)
4.  Knees side to side (5-10 reps each)
5.  Quadraped Rotations (5-10 reps each)

After completing the warm-up go right into the workout.   The goal is to perform as many reps as possible of each exercise in 2 minutes.  Rest 1 minute between exercises.   Do one round of each exercise.

If your just starting your fitness program or getting back into your fitness routine, you may want to decrease "work" time to 1 minute per each exercise with 1 minute rest.
Count each rep, add up your total reps and that's your score.  Form and quality reps count, poor form and "bad reps" do not.  Set this up as a challenge within your crew or department.
Try to repeat the workout every couple of weeks and improve the number of "quality" reps.
Here are the exercises:

  • --Push ups
  • --Body Rows (click here to see this exercise).  You could also use a TRX or webbing.
  • --Prisoner Squats or tire flips (see picture at right)
  • --Medicine Ball Slams* against the floor or sledges against a tire.     *(Use a 10 or 12 pound medicine ball)

** You can substitute the exercise based on available equipment.  Some other options  are step ups, floor to ceiling press or ladder presses, sand bag exercises, plank pulses...***

crew challenge workout

Give this workout a try during your next shift or department training.  I think it is also a great workout for recruits in the academy.  Don't forget to track your rep numbers to measure your progress.

Let me know if you have suggestions or questions.  Please share, comment and like and let me know how I can help you get "fit for duty."
Aaron Zamzow

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