Do These 3 Things to Stay Fit in (and out) of the Firehouse.

It seems like fitness information is coming from every angle these days.   Experts tell us that we need to "do yoga, do crossfit, do low intensity, do high intensity, do weights, don't do weights."  It can get to be very frustrating and in some cases overwhelming.  My goal with FRF is to sift through all the so-called research and experts predictions to give you solid resources that will get you "fit for duty."  today I want to give you 3 (actually I threw in a bonus 4th) things you can do to stay fit in and out of the firehouse.  These are very easy tasks and will help you get your fitness on-track.

Click the video below to discover the 3 Things you Need to Do to Stay Fit in the Firehouse.

Try to do these things every shift (and every day).

  1.  Stay hydrated Water is the source of energy, it helps in all metabolic processes and can decrease your chances of sudden cardiac arrest and stroke.  Stay hydrated can also help boost performance.  Try to drink 1/2 your body-weight in ounces of water a day!
  2. Stay Mobile.  Try to do some stretching, foam rolling or even yoga every shift.  The better you move, the better you perform.  Mobility exercises are easy to do and don't require a lot of time or space.  Personally, I like to foam roll a couple of times during each shift.
  3. Eat Real Food!  This sounds like a no-brainier but our typical American diet is laced with many chemicals and sugar.  Try to keep the foods you eat simple, minimize all the chemicals and really try to limit sugar.  You will notice a difference in your performance and appearance!

And BONUS #4.  Follow a plan.  Approach you fitness like an athlete does.  Have a plan when you workout and strive to improve your performance every day.   Need a plan?

Discover the Get FRF (Fire Rescue Fit) Workout Program trusted and used by thousands of Firefighters.

The Get FRF Workout is the culmination of the lessons learned from the feedback and results seen from my previous program creations.  I decided to take the best workouts and training aspects and put them to use in this one effective workout program.  The Get FRF Workout is born from the efforts of thousands of hours of research and from the impressive results from the thousands of firefighters, EMTs and medics that have used FRF workouts and training protocols.

This is the most comprehensive workout system for Firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics. It will improve every aspect of your fitness (conditioning, strength, cardiovascular recovery, core power) and make you strong, lean, athletic and efficient. The workouts are easy to follow with exercise tutorials and are very practical.  I have also designed this program to be “excuse-proof.”  You can literally do these workouts anywhere; at home, in the gym, at the firehouse, or even outside.  Couple these efficient and effective workouts with the updated and easy-to-follow Eating Guidelines and I guarantee you will see results. This program is 20 years in the making and is endorsed by thousands of fire rescue athletes and hundreds of elite trainers.

The Get FRF (Fire Rescue Fit) Program Includes:

  • 8-week Get FRF Workout Training calendar
  • 9  Different efficient and effective resistance training options including 5 challenge workouts.  There are also 4 different  cardio workout options that you can customize to your specific goals.
  • Done for you interval workouts that you can adapt to meet your own needs based on equipment and preferences.
  • Workout options for the firehouse, gym or home.  Includes workout options for on-duty and crew workouts (group workouts)
  • Over 60 different exercises that will get you stronger, leaner and moving better than ever!  These exercises will burn fat, improve flexibility and increase your strength.
  • Versatile workout options that you can vary based on level of fitness and equipment available.  You can no longer use the excuse of not having a place to workout or know what exercises to do!
  • Fire Rescue Athlete Training rationale.  You will learn how to workout to perform better on the fireground and in life.
  • Core exercises and stretches (including easy to follow 4-minute stretch routines that you can do after workouts or before a shift).
  • Easy to follow exercise tutorials and video links

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