Fire Rescue Fitness 300 Challenge Workout

This is a great 300 rep challenge workout that you can do in the firehouse with minimal weight.  The goal of the workout is to finish in the shortest amount of time possible, not by rushing your reps but by not resting….


All you need for this challenge workout is a stability ball and a weight.  The object of the workout is to complete 50 reps of each exercise (300 total) as quickly as possible.  There is a catch of course, each rep has to be performed in a controlled manner and bad reps don’t count.   Safety first, form is your biggest focus.

You can do the reps in any order and even mix and match if needed as long as you do 50 of each.  Personally I like to choose two exercises and alternate between them until the reps are completed.  As a guideline choose a weight that is around 25% your body weight.  For example if you weigh around 180 pounds use a 45 pound weight.   Don’t forget to record your total workout time.  Enjoy!
Perform this warm-up before timing the workout.  Perform 10 reps of each warm-up for 2 circuits.
Click the Video below for an overview of the workout


Warm-up Exercises (perform 2 circuits)
Chops (10 reps)
Prisoner Squat (10 reps)
Step forward toe touch (5 reps each)
Spidermans (5 reps each)
Step back reach and twist (5 reps each)
Squat to press (50 reps)
One arm rows (25 reps each, 50 total)
Sumo Bicep Curls (50 reps)
Tricep Skulls (50 reps)
V-ups (50 reps)
Hands on Ball Push-ups (50 reps)
To add to the challenge:  Run 1 mile or bike 3 as fast as possible or add some fire-ground movement intervals (interval overhauls).  Click here for some good options.
Don’t forget to record your total workout time (try to improve on this time each workout).
Give it a try!
Aaron Zamzow

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I started the challenge on January 1, 2016 at 118 lbs. I am now 121 lbs. The numbers don’t really speak volumes compared to my success in my appearance and my abilities. My biceps gained one inch of muscle, which I really notice when I raise my arms to put my hair into a pony tail. My abdomen muscles are more defined now, than ever before.  When I first started I was able to run 5 km in 38 minutes and now I can run it in 32 minutes.

I really enjoyed the combination exercises; these are nothing like I have ever done before. I notice my endurance in just walking up large sets of stairs is no problem (even when carrying heavy things). I don’t notice the extra weight of my gear and carrying a pack on my back to be a big deal anymore. I also can work harder and longer before losing my breath and feeling fatigued. This workout changed my life, I look forward to doing it again with alternative movements, I won’t be caught exercising anymore because I now know that training is what I would rather be doing always changing, always improving. “

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I came across the Ultimate Fire Athlete Workout and thought I would give it a try. I began the program on January 11th at 198 lbs. I had a 34 in waist. I just finished the 60-day program and I am now 170 lbs and have a 30 in. waist! 28 lbs weight loss and 4 inches!

I am in as good a shape as I ever was while running marathons and have added muscle in my arms, chest and abs that running never gave me. I have gained the strength and core balance that I need to do my job as a firefighter as well restored my cardiovascular fitness level.

I would also add that my knee is feeling wonderful. I did most of my cardio days on a bike or elliptical, I am able to do the sprint challenges and all of the overhauls no problem. The workout worked well for and with my knee pain issues. It also worked great with my schedule. I could get in and out and was also able to work it in while on shift.”

Thanks Aaron for an Awesome Program!  –Doug Franklin


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