Firefighter Challenge Workout to Honor Veterans…

Today I have a special Firefighter Challenge Workout to honor America’s true heroes….our Veterans.  

Thank you for your service and sacrifice!

This workout is 11 minutes of strength exercises followed by an 11 minute cardio interval (11-11 for Veterans Day).   The exercises can be changed based on available equipment and level of fitness.  Of course, make sure you thoroughly and actively warm-up before starting the workout.

Active Warm-up (perform the suggested reps for 2 rounds)

Chops (10x)

Inverted Hamstrings (5 ea)

Spidermans (5 ea)

Knees side to side (5 ea)

X-overs (5 ea)

Perform 2 rounds or circuits then progress to the 11 minute strength portion.

Click below for an overview of the FRF 11-11 Veterans Day Workout

The strength portion of the workout consist of 4 exercises performed for 2 minutes (as many reps as possible) with 1 minute of rest between them.  Today in honor of Veterans and to really challenge myself  I performed these exercises wearing a 45 pound pack from PWR Training.  Feel free to add extra challenge or change the order or exercises to fit your level of fitness.  Here is the order and exercises I suggest:

Perform as many reps as possible of push-ups in 2 minutes

Rest 1 minute

Perform as many reps as possible of prisoner squats in 2 minutes

Rest 1 minute

Perform as many reps as possible of body rows in 2 minutes

Rest 1 minute

Perform a static plank for 2 minutes (rest if needed)

**Perform as many reps as you can, you may need to rest.  Try to push yourself, make sure to keep good form on all reps.**

After completing the 11 minute strength portion then perform 11 cardio intervals.  These intervals can be running sprints, climbing the stairs, bike intervals, incline running on the treadmill.  You can adjust the work and rest time based on your level of fitness.  Today, I performed 11 intervals of 30 seconds work/ 30 seconds rest on the step mill wearing a 45 pound weighted pack (thanks again to PWR Training for the pack….awesome).

Special Thanks to All Veterans!

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Stay safe and Get FRF,

Aaron Zamzow

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