Healthy Eating Tips for the Firehouse (or any house)

Some of my more popular posts lately involve nutrition around the firehouse (or any house).  I was doing some research for my next article (stay tuned for that) and came up

with some quick and easy “healthy eating” tips that any fire rescue athlete can apply.  

Take a look at these and see how you can incorporate them into your daily lives.  

  • Using smaller plates and bowls can reduce how much you eat. Next time you set the table remember this point.
  • Eating breakfast can control appetite all day. Start the day with a good meal, it will give you the energy to get through the day and keep your appetite in check.
  • Watching TV while eating creates a distraction that causes you to eat more. We all need to pay attention to portion control!
  • The more you chew the fewer calories you’re likely to consume and the more you burn. 
  • Cutting food into smaller bites can help you eat less, it gives your brain the illusion of more bites and more food.
  • Low-fat foods often boost flavor with extra sugar making calorie savings an illusion. Low-fat foods are often loaded with sweeteners that can actually make you crave more food and sugars.
  • Often those ‘hunger’ pains in your stomach are a sign that your body is dehydrated and wants water. (Be sure to stay well hydrated, drink water with every meal and throughout the day. Take a look at this great post about hydration for the fire rescue athlete. (Click here.)

There you go…some simple ways to control your eating.  Give them a try!
Stay Safe and Healthy,
Aaron Zamzow

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