Firefighter On-shift Interval Workout

I get a lot of emails asking for good workout options for the firehouse when on-shift.  Working out on-shift is a major concern, you want to make sure you keep your body in good “fit for duty” condition but also want to make sure you have enough “left in the tank” to respond and perform in an actual response.  Over the last couple of years I have toyed with various workouts on shift; high intensity, heavy lifting, stretching only, and even some yoga.  I have found that interval workouts are not only the most effective but a great way to incorporate fireground movements (steps, crawls, sledges, drags, lifts, carries, and some core).

Here is an example of a “Sunday Funday” workout that I did with my crew.

Active Warm-up
Perform 2 circuits.  Set an interval timer for 35 seconds of movement with 5 seconds between to transition.

  1. Chops
  2. Step back twist and reach
  3. Spidermans
  4. On floor knees side to side
  5. X-overs
Fireground Interval Circuit

After completing the 2 active warm-up circuits perform the below exercises in a circuit 4 times.
I like to set the interval timer for 35 seconds of work with 25 seconds of rest.  If you are just beginning intervals you may want to set the timer for 30 seconds of work with 30 seconds of rest.

  1. Aerodyne (if you don’t have an aerodyne you can use row machine or battling hoselines)
  2. Weighted Jump Rope
  3. Stair Crawling  (bear crawl up the stairs then run back down)
  4. Sledges on a tire (overhead and side sledges)
  5. Core Exercise (plank, bird-dog)
  6. Mountain Climbers  (or burpees)
Perform this circuit 4x for a total of 24 minutes.
Total workout time with the active warm-up is approximately 33 minutes.
Feel free to interchange the circuits with your favorite active warm-up or fireground exercises (please let me know if you do).
Stay safe and healthy,
Aaron Zamzow

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