A new weapon for Firefighters war on Heart Disease

Heart disease kills more on-duty firefighters than anything else — and it is definitely linked to emergency duties, a Harvard study shows. Most people think firefighters’ biggest death threats are fires and collapsing buildings. But over the last 30 years it’s been shown that 45% of firefighters’ on-duty deaths come from heart disease.    Over these last 30 years the actual percentage of fire calls has decreased yet the rate of heart attacks has remained the same.  So why haven’t we (as Firefigthers, Paramedics and EMT’s) done anything to prevent it?  Part of the issue is that firefighters exertion on the fire scene causes an excessive amount of stress on the heart, thus causing heart attacks.  Many of the firefighters that died from a heart related issue had prior “heart health warning signs” like high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  These heart health risks coupled with the extreme exertion are a bad and risky combination.

I personally think that we need to take a proactive approach to the issue.  The FireRescue community needs to commit to a complete exercise program that emphasizes not only heart health but overall strength and wellness.  

Recently I’ve discovered another way Firefighters, Paramedics and EMT’s can combat their high risk of heart attack (and cancer).  CLICK HERE to Read more……and as always, STAY SAFE.

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