Firefighters…the ultimate athlete?

As a firefighter (paramedic and emt included), you train to mitigate the risks that you are sure to face on the job.  Your fitness cannot be a liability, it must be on par with the skills you have spent so much time learning.  Like an athlete, you must be game ready at all times. What does it mean to be game ready as a firefighter?  To be ready, you must be training like a firefighter. I see too many firefighters training like bodybuilders or like the athletes that they may have been in high school or college. You can’t train like a triathlete to play football nor train like a football player to play hockey.  Training like a firefighter requires that you train in a way to specifically address the physical requirements of the job.  That means working to acquire extreme levels of cardio vascular, muscular and metabolic endurance. You need the ability to go full throttle for 30, 40 or 60 minutes. You need to be able to recover quickly so that you can get back in the game. Some water, a new bottle of air and you are good to go.  You also MUST have as strong core and good flexibility.  With all this in mind let me ask you:  “Are you training like a firefighter?”
This website is dedicated to helping you not only train like a firefighter,  get you Fit for Duty, stay Fit for Duty, and become a fire athlete.

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