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The Six Steps Every First Responder Must Take to Improve Their Fitness in 2021

By Zamzowfitness | Jan 5, 2021

Every first responder should be taking these steps to improve their health and fitness in 2021. Will you be one of them? Time to GET FRF…

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It Is HERE! Take the FRF 21K Challenge.

By Zamzowfitness | Dec 31, 2020

Attention First Responders (Firefighters, EMTs and Medics) and their families.

FRF is challenging 2100 first responders (and those that love them) to lose 10 pounds or more and improve their health and fitness in 2021.

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A First Responders Guide to the Covid 19 Vaccine.

By Zamzowfitness | Dec 15, 2020

Should I get the Covid 19 Vaccine? Aaron Zamzow from Fire Rescue Fitness asks a Scientist (PHD- Harvard School of Public Health in Genetics & Complex Diseases) for advice.

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The FRF 12 Fit Tips of the Holidays

By Zamzowfitness | Dec 14, 2020

As the Holidays approach the stress levels go up and the health of most people goes down. Its easy to get sidetracked and put off your fitness and nutrition until next year. But this is the year of health (I just declared that) and I do not want you to lose any fitness progress that you have made this year. So, as a gift here are the FRF top 12 fit tips to help you manage the holidays

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The Best Nutrition Tips and Hacks for First Responders- Firefighters, Emts and Medics.

By Zamzowfitness | Dec 9, 2020

Learn how healthy first responders prepare and plan their nutrition. These tips and hacks will have you eating better and making fitness progress.

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Healthy FRF (Fire Rescue Fitness) Firehouse Chili

By Zamzowfitness | Dec 7, 2020

Looking for a tasty and healthy chili recipe? Look no further, give this FRF Healthy Chili a try. Sure to get the approval of your crew.

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Every Firefighter Needs This Fitness Trait…

By Zamzowfitness | Nov 19, 2020

We as firefighters have a physically demanding job and need to prepare for these demands via proper fitness and training. In this post FRF will look at the research and breakdown the most important fitness traits a firefighter needs to insure they meet the demands of the job. #GETFRF

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By Zamzowfitness | Oct 29, 2020

Most firehouses are filled with great cooks and tasty foods. But, before you reach for that pastry or baked good or chips and soda, ask yourself if this is going to help you feel better, think more clearly, and perform better?

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Try this FRF 5K (+343 reps) Virtual Workout

By Zamzowfitness | Oct 15, 2020

FRF has created the 5K the FRF way virtual workout event to benefit the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. Join the event and give this workout a try.

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