Firefighter Fitness Predictions for 2014

  February 9, 2014

Now everyone loves predictions and I’m no stranger.  After over 20 years in the fitness industry, I’ve seen my fair share of trends (remember leg warmers and step aerobics…).  Well, this year I’m going to put my experience to work and create some predictions.   Take a look! 2014 Fitness Prediction #1 – Shorter, High Intensity 

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The 5 Worst Exercises for the Fire Rescue Athlete

  June 24, 2013

Fire Rescue Athletes (firefighters, EMTs and paramedics) must be physically ready to act. The job entails lifting heavy objects (or people), climbing up stairs, dragging hoseline, hoisting ladders, along with other physically taxing movements. It is evident that in order to effectively do our jobs we must have a strong, balanced body. Workouts and especially

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