Firefighter Fitness- Combating the Obesity Epidemic in Firefighters

  October 14, 2015

This is scary…We need to change.   Rates of overweight and obese individuals in the fire service are higher than those found in the general public, according to a new study. + Researchers looked at the body composition of both career and volunteer firefighters across the nation, with overweight and obesity rates ranging from 73

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How Do You Define Firefighter Fit?

  August 29, 2015

Are You Firefighter Fit? Most people, when asked this question, will normally think about how much weight they can lift or if the are overweight or not.  I argue that being “firefighter fit (fire rescue fit) is much more than that.  You may be able to lift heavy weights but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you

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Firefighter Fitness Tip- Eat more Fruits and Veggies….

  December 12, 2014

Firefighters have physically and mentally demanding jobs which means we (as fire rescue athletes) have demanding nutritional needs to match.  Unfortunately, research confirms that most are deficient in some essential nutrients. The most common deficiencies are in protein, water (hydration), healthy fatty acids, and the essential vitamins. Research confirms these same deficiencies for all athletes,

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Goblet Squat for More Strength on the Fireground

  November 2, 2014

I often get emails and questions about ways to improve leg strength and recovery while in firefighting gear.  We all know that stairs and climbing are major fire rescue movements performed on the fire ground so… improve your leg strength and you could improve your performance on the fire ground.  One exercise in particular is

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Firefighter Workout Tip- The Importance of a Proper Warm-up…

  August 12, 2014

Flexibility is often the most overlooked aspect of a an effective firefighter workout. Participating in an appropriate warm-up and cool down and stretching program has shown to help firefighter performance by: Increasing physical efficiency and performance Can you do this? Increasing neuromuscular coordination Decreasing risk of severity of injury Decreasing risk of lower back pain

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