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10 Simple Rules For Fat Loss (2014 Edition)

By Aaron Zamzow (ZAM) | Jan 3, 2014

Would you agree that a leaner athlete is a better athlete?  I know this is a “loaded” question.  A lot of the answer has to deal with the sport in which the athlete is participating.  One thing that research shows is that a leaner athlete is a “more efficient” athlete.  When it comes to firefighters,…

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Firefighter Fitness- Is CrossFit it?

By Aaron Zamzow (ZAM) | Dec 7, 2013

After reading the comments and getting responses to my posts about p90X, I decided it would be a perfect time to dissect the CrossFit fad that is popular in firehouses around the country.  I’ve worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years and have seen a lot of “fads” come and go.  Not to age myself…

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Fire Rescue Athlete Post Holiday Workout

By Aaron Zamzow (ZAM) | Nov 30, 2013

Happy post Thanksgiving!  I hope you enjoyed the Holiday and carry the “thankful” attitude through the holiday season.  I do not hope you carry the extra weight and lethargy that can occur during the Holidays.  Yes, it is that time of the year where we have a tendency to overindulge and workouts seem to take…

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Firefighter Fitness- does P90X work?

By Aaron Zamzow (ZAM) | Nov 22, 2013

It’s often said that any movement is better than no movement at all.  I personally have to agree with that statement, I think its imperative that everyone (especially FireRescue Athletes) are active.  The big question milling about in the Fire Rescue field is what is the most effective type of activity for firefighters?  Ideally, we should…

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Firefighter Cardio Interval Workout

By Aaron Zamzow (ZAM) | Oct 16, 2013

I have had a of of requests for quick workouts that can be done with minimal equipment.  Here is a re-post of one of my more popular cardio interval workouts I created for a firefighter/medic that has no equipment and only some stairs and a parking lot. This can be used as a cardio interval…

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Essential Components of a Fire Rescue Fitness Program….revisited.

By Aaron Zamzow (ZAM) | Aug 18, 2013

This is a re-post of one of my more popular articles that needs to be emphasized. Without proper planning, your fitness program may actually be setting you up for failure.  Read the article below…how does your current fitness program measure up? This blog topic is one near and dear to my heart and your career–Workouts…

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The 5 Worst Exercises for the Fire Rescue Athlete

By Aaron Zamzow (ZAM) | Jun 24, 2013

Fire Rescue Athletes (firefighters, EMTs and paramedics) must be physically ready to act. The job entails lifting heavy objects (or people), climbing up stairs, dragging hoseline, hoisting ladders, along with other physically taxing movements. It is evident that in order to effectively do our jobs we must have a strong, balanced body. Workouts and especially…

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High Intensity Cardio Challenges for the Firehouse

By Aaron Zamzow (ZAM) | Jun 5, 2013

Time is always been and will always be the number one reason we miss workouts.  As Fire Rescue Athletes, we work unusual hours and our workouts are often interrupted by calls.  Lately I’ve been creating and testing some highly efficient cardio interval workouts on my bootcamp classes and crew.  Today’s blog will give you  two…

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Soda or Water in the Firehouse?

By Aaron Zamzow (ZAM) | May 18, 2013

There has been a huge decrease of soda consumption around the firehouse. There isn’t any good reason to substitute soda for water (read below). I personally gave up soda (including diet) six months ago and feel a ton better and have more energy. So, today I wanted to do a comparison of water to one of the…

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