Beginner Workout Exercise Guide

FRF Nation- Free Fire Rescue Workout
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 Warm-up- 5 minutes on tread, elliptical, stairs, or bike then perform the active warm-up (perform 2 circuits)
Step Forward toe touches (6 ea leg)

Straight Leg Raises (6 each side)

Knees side to side (6 each side)

Core Exercises


Stability ball crunch (10-15 reps)

For the beginner program, put your hands behind your head, do not add weight until you are strong and comfortable with the exercise.


Prone Planks  (hold 20-30 seconds)

Bridges  (10-15 reps)

 Add the ball squeeze to challenge the core and thighs.


Strength Exercises

Push ups (perform 10-15)

 Body Row–bent knees (10-15 reps)


Prisoner Squat (15 reps)

DB Alternate Arm Shoulder Press (8-10 each arm)

Perform this movement by pressing one arm at a time instead of both.  Alternate arms.
Lunge Stance Bicep Curls (5-6 each leg)

Instead of placing leg on the bench, get into a lunge position, perform 5-6 reps (both arms) then repeat on the other leg.
DB Tricep Skulls (10-15 reps)

Farmers Walk (30 steps)

Then try to finish the workout with a challenging interval overhaul

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