As Firefighter Fitness becomes more critical due to the continuing challenges that we face. It becomes ever so important that we track our workouts, nutrition, and have options to release pressure while on shift. So here are the Top 5 Firefighter Fitness Apps for the Fire Rescue Athletes getting Fit for Duty.

1.) My Fitness Pal

Looking to add a free central hub to link your fitness workouts and track daily nutrition. This app owned by Under Armour is it. The app is very connective friendly with health devices Fit Bit, Polar, Garmin, Strava, Map My Run, and etc. Within this app you can enter food you eat by simply scanning a bar code, searching generic to your popular restaurant dishes, and even save a meal that you make or eat on a regular basis to make it easy to enter in the future. The only down side is while entering your weight it calculates the estimated calories needed and macros needed. An seems to be quite generous for heavier weighted users. This however may be changed through the settings to your preferences to match your fitness goals..

2.) Fire Rescue Fitness workouts on Train Heroic App

The Train Heroic app is set up great once you use it you'll never have to remember a pen and your workout log again. As this app has a built in calendar, allowing you the ability to set your own start day for each program. This also allows you to see the workouts for the days ahead.  The Fire Rescue Fitness workouts (Click Here) are set up not only to take a step by step approach to your workout, but also has videos linked to each movement to make it a quick access to the movement if your are unfamiliar to it. This app allows you to input rep count, weight used, and time to complete a set as necessary depending on workout being completed. So ditch the note book and pen and have your workout at your fingertips.

3.) Spark Recipes

The HealthyRecipes app (Free; iOS and Android) is from the same folks behind, a popular diet, and calorie-tracking website. As a result, SparkRecipes is similarly focused on helping dieters shed pounds – after all, the app is sponsored by Lean Cuisine.

SparkRecipes includes nearly 200,000 user-submitted recipes, each one with detailed nutritional information. Unlike some diet apps, which give you only a brief overview, SparkRecipes is more detailed and includes info on polyunsaturated fat, monounsaturated fat, potassium, fiber, and sugar. You can also search for specific low-fat or low-carb recipes.

4.) Strava

Are you a firefighter that likes to run, bike, swim, or just want to track your activities based on time. Well then this free and optional premium app is for you. While logging a run or bike on Strava it is Bluetooth and ANT+ (Depending on mobile device capabilities) connective friendly meaning it will link up to most fitness devices from fitness watches, heart rate monitors, and cadence sensors on your bike or foot pod while running. If recording a run/bike the app will map your route and update you on your minutes per mile split times like most other run/bike tracking apps. However, this app made our list due to it's social features, challenging segment feature, and continually informing you post workout of beating personal bests (400 meter, 1/2 mile, 1 K, 1 mile, 2 mile, and 5K times).

The social feature sets it on a different level. If you decided to go on a run with the crew and they also use Strava wither they are your followers on the app or not. The app automatically picks up that you ran with those completing the same course with you within the same time span. Strava also has the ability to challenge you on segments of roads by using the app or logging in online you can find what the app calls segments. An if there are no segments around you. Strava allows you to make them yourself to challenge others. There are different segments for both runners and bike workouts. Some segments are hill climbs others are just notorious riding areas. Once you complete the segment you can see your time vs everyone along with your last time running that segment and where you rank among the field.

5.) Calm
Need to take a break? Calm will help you do just that. Whether you need focus, creativity, or a little extra shut eye, Calm offers 50 guided meditations to choose from. You can also sync your meditations with 16 soothing music tracks by meditation musician Kip Mazuy. New content is added monthly. The app is free and available for both Android and iOS.

This by no means is the ultimate list.  If you have some apps that should be on the list please contact me or leave a comment.  These apps have helped me get more fit for duty and are still helping me in my journey.  Let me know your thoughts...

Get and Stay FRF (Fire Rescue Fit),

Josh Fulk



About the Author- Josh Fulk

I am a Volunteer Fire Fighter, College Instructor, and fairly new Father that continually uses Fire Rescue Fitness since January 2017 with great success. Since starting to use Fire Rescue Fitness I have lost a total of 135 lbs. That's right from 425 lbs to currently 290 lbs. I continually use Fire Rescue Fitness to achieve fitness goals such as run 5K races and Sprint Triathlons along with motivating others through posts and coaching with Fire Rescue Fitness.

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