The FRF Ultimate Fire Athlete Workout Program (Phase 2)


Take your fitness to the next level with the FRF Ultimate-Phase 2.  This 60-day program takes over where the Ultimate Phase 1 leaves off. This program includes even more power movements and strength movements that will take your physique and performance to the highest level.


Program Details

Don't Stop Now! Get the next 8-weeks of workouts...

Keep making progress with your fitness.

Get the next 8-weeks of Ultimate Fire Athlete Workouts.  This program will continue to get you stronger, leaner, and more powerful.  The "next" 8-weeks will focus on your power and help you move (and look) faster, stronger, and leaner than you are now.  The Ultimate Phase 2 includes:

-Workout Calendar- The "next" 8-weeks of workouts.

-Access to the Phase 2 Workout on the FRF Tracking App

-Exercises and workouts that will build more strength and power

-Challenge workouts including the FRF 343

-Continued support via email and the FRF Workout Crew

-Log Sheets and Gym Companion