The FRF Ultimate Fire Athlete Workout Program (Phase 2)

Take your fitness to the next level with the FRF Ultimate-Phase 2.  This 60-day program takes over where the Ultimate Phase 1 leaves off. This program includes even more power movements and strength movements that will take your physique and performance to the highest level.




Don't Stop Now! Get the next 8-weeks of workouts...

Keep making progress with your fitness.

Get the next 8-weeks of Ultimate Fire Athlete Workouts.  This program will continue to get you stronger, leaner, and more powerful.  The "next" 8-weeks will focus on your power and help you move (and look) faster, stronger, and leaner than you are now.  The Ultimate Phase 2 includes:

-Workout Calendar- The "next" 8-weeks of workouts.

-Access to the Phase 2 Workout on the FRF Tracking App

-Exercises and workouts that will build more strength and power

-Challenge workouts including the FRF 343

-Continued support via email and the FRF Workout Crew

-Log Sheets and Gym Companion



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