How to Create Effective Workout Programs for Fire Rescue Athletes (Level 1)

Course Overview

This is a 6-hour seminar and workshop that reviews the challenges of the modern firefighters “playing field” and movement patterns and assesses the essential workout components that will help improve performance and reduce injuries.  Attendees will review the essential components of an effective fire rescue athlete workout program and learn how to create workout calendars to adequately meet the high physical demands of the job.    The seminar will also teach creative and effective ways to create daily workouts for members of their department and crew.  Attendees will have the opportunity to create programming with other attendees based on instructor lead scenarios.

What You will Learn

-Attendees will learn the challenges of the firefighter “‘playing field” and the common movement patterns of the fire rescue athlete.

-Attendees will learn the Essential Components of a Fire Rescue Workout Program

– Attendees will learn how to create workouts that contain the essential components using simple equipment found around every firehouse.

– Attendees will create workout calendars taking into consideration the challenges of shift work

-Attendees will get the opportunity to create usable workouts to take to their department based on instructor lead scenarios.

Course Components and Schedule

***Total seminar time is 6 hours (Typical schedule is 9 am to 3:30 pm  with 30 minute lunch)

Rationale of the seminar and instructor introduction (15 minutes)

We are Athletes (15 mins)

Get the most out of this course.  (15 mins)

Challenges of the fire service (15 mins)

  • Injuries
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Performance

5 Essential Components of a Fire Rescue Workout (60 mins)

  • Plan
  • Work core
  • Cardio Intervals
  • Fullbody Functional Strength
  • Mobility and Flexibility

Anatomy of a Fire Rescue Athlete Workout  (60 mins)

  • Active warm-ups and movement prep
  • Core- prehab movements
  • Strength training (full body)
  • Intervals
  • Cardio (Steady state, Anaerobic)
  • Stretch and recovery

Essential firehouse equipment (30 mins)

Program design overview (30 mins)

Creating your own workouts and program  (30 mins- hands on)

Putting it all together with scenarios (90 mins- hands on)


About the instructor

To inquire about the seminar please contact Aaron Zamzow (