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Thank You for Participating in the FRF 5K Virtual Workout Event

ATTENTION, ATTENTION, ATTENTION.  Please read the information and instructions below...

STEP #1.

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To access the FRF 5K Training Program you need to click the link below.  If you purchased more than one entry, share the link below to make sure those members of your crew and/or family get access to the workouts and are eligible for prizes.  


To share the link you can right-click above and choose to  "copy link address" and then paste this in a message to the members of your team/ crew.  This link is unique to your purchase and will only allow the same number of entries as purchased.  

STEP #2.

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After you click the link you will create a log-in and password.  If you have registered on the new FRF app platform you will just need to log in.

STEP #3.

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Check your mail and your email. 

Your event T-shirt and/or sweatshirt should arrive in the mail around 4-7 days after your order.  Please note that orders outside of the US will take longer.  You will also receive some emails about the event and how best to prepare.  If you have not received your event swag or have any questions or issues, please contact me.

STEP #4.

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Spread the Word!  Our goal is to have over 500 participants in the FRF 5K Event this year.  Please spread the word to your crew.  And, to help motivate them to join you, give them this code (20FORMYCREW) for 20% of their entry.  You can also use the code to get yourself an additional event T-shirt or sweatshirt.

Thank you for supporting the FRF mission to change the fitness culture of the fire service.  Please utilize the training program and resources, I guarantee you will see some great results.  Make sure to contact me with any questions or issues.  And PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!

Time to GET FRF!

Aaron Zamzow