CORDICOFIRE has partnered with fire rescue fitness to provide some great resources to help you and your crew stay fit and healthy.

As most of the world is in quarantine, we as first responders are on the front lines.  Due to the stress of the times it is imperative to continually focus on your own health and fitness.  Remember you must take care of yourself so you can take care of them.  Please check back to this page frequently for resources and workouts that will help you and your crew.

40 day to getfrf (at-home version) v3

The GET FRF in 40 Days (At Home) Workout Program is now live and FREE for first responders.

No equipment, no problem.  The Coronavirus may have shut down your gym access but it does not have to hinder your fitness and workouts.  Fire Rescue Fitness created a FREE 40- Day workout program that does not require a lot of equipment and can be performed at your home and/or the firehouse.  This program is FREE for CORDICO users.

Workouts and Resources for You and Your Crew to keep you Healthy and fit for duty

Top 5 Firefighter, EMT, and Medic Fitness Excuses…debunked

By Zamzowfitness | February 22, 2023

Are you (personally) letting excuses impede your fitness progress? Right now, more than ever, we as first responders need to make sure that we are managing our fitness and our stress. There are a lot of excuses that we can currently use, here is a post that debunks almost all of them… Time to GET FRF!

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Pandemic Proof Workout Option for First Responders.

By Zamzowfitness | July 31, 2020

Do not let the Pandemic ruin your workouts and fitness. Here is a great workout option from FRF that will help you stay fit and healthy even if your gym is closed.

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First Responders- Foods for a Healthy Immune System

By Zamzowfitness | March 17, 2020

Nutrition is one of the best ways to boost immunity and deal with flu and virus season. Here are 15 great foods that first responders need to eat to boost immunity and keep your body and mind working efficiently… #GETFRF

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First Responders- Boost Your Immunity with These Tips…

By Zamzowfitness | March 11, 2020

Cold, flu and virus season is here. While in our profession it can be hard to dodge every germ, there are proactive ways to boost your immune system and prevent catching a cold or the flu. Here are some great tips from Fire Rescue Fitness to help you…

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Fire Rescue Fitness Calorie Burning Challenge Workout

By Zamzowfitness | February 20, 2020

Great challenge workout for firefighters, EMTs and medics to try. Burn some calories with this FRF metabolic workout for firefighters. Its a fun and scalable workout that does not require a lot of equipment and time.

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300 rep functional firefighter workout for first responders

Try the FRF 300-Rep Challenge Workout

By Zamzowfitness | January 14, 2020

No time, No equipment, No excuses. Great workout option for firefighters, EMTs and medics. This workout will boost metabolism and performance. Great for all levels of fitness. #GETFRF

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Fire Rescue Fitness has workout programs that will help first responders lose weight, gain strength, lose bodyfat and most importantly improve performance on (and off) the fire/rescue scene.   To discover the best program for you, take the FRF workout quiz (click the link below).

Make sure to use Coupon Code:  CORDICOFIRE at checkout for a %25 discount.

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need help? have questions?

Have questions on which program is best for you?  Please reach out with any questions.

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