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Helping You and Your Crew Stay Fit, Healthy, and Ready

Fire Rescue Fitness and LFD have partnered to provide members with several resources designed to improve health and fitness.   The focus of the program is to offer nutrition and fitness resources along with workouts that will build a functional fitness foundation, add strength, reduce injuries, and improve overall physical health and resilience.


These resources are catered specifically to firefighters, EMTs, and medics to help them meet the demands of their job and their schedules.   The resources can be utilized anytime and the workouts can be performed at home, at the gym, or at the firehouse.


The programs are free to members of the Lowell Fire Department.  Registered members will have access to workouts, nutrition guides, the FRF tracking app, and coaching.

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The program includes access to four FRF Workout Programs.  The programs can accommodate any goal and level of fitness.   Each program can be utilized in the FRF app and via PDF.  

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Eating healthy is a challenge.   The included guide to better nutrition includes some simple steps to help you clean up your nutrition.  Learn how to make healthy choices to help fuel your body and mind to meet the demands of the job.  These are the same guidelines that thousands of first responders have used to lose weight and gain control of their health.



Sign-up for the program, create a profile on the FRF app platform and access the workouts and resources on mobile, tablet, and/or desktop.  You can track all your workouts, send messages to the program creator (ZAM) and also download and view PDFs of all the workouts and guides.  



After you click the link, you are asked to create a profile and login password.  

Download a Brief Tutorial on Getting Started.


Make a commitment to your health.   You have all the resources needed to make fitness progress this year. 

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Program Questions and Answers

Answers to common questions about the LFD/ FRF health and fitness program.

How do I log-in after I created a profile?

After you create a profile (name, email, password) for the FRF app platform you can log in anytime on the desktop by clicking HERE

From the app, click the icon on your tablet and/or phone and log in with the credentials you created.   Once you log in click on the "groups" tab and select Lowell FD- Functional Fitness and Nutrition Resources.

How do I get started with the LFD/ FRF program?

The process is quick and easy.  You just have to click this link (click here), create your login credentials (email, password), and click sign up.  You will then be asked to finish your profile by adding your department and cell number.   You will then be given links to download the app.  Click the correct version (apple or android) and download the app.  Use the credentials that you created to log in to the app.

Once in the app (or on the desktop), you will find a "my groups" tab.  Click that tab and then the Lowell Fire Group to be taken to all the resources.  

Who is eligible to sign up for the program?

Any and all members of the Lowell Fire Department are encouraged to join the program.   

How do I find the workouts on the platform?

Here is a great video tutorial to help answer that question.  If you are on the desktop or app platform, go to the "my groups" tab and select LFD.    In the group dashboard, you will see the menu to view the PDF resources and the workouts.

Fire Rescue Fitness has workout programs that will help first responders lose weight, gain strength, lose bodyfat and most importantly improve performance on (and off) the fire/rescue scene.   To discover the best program for you, take the FRF workout quiz (click the link below).  Use code GETFRF23 for a discount!

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